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Penis Ring! The Zinger ROP!
Facts & Information

Blakoe-Zinger rings are used to improve the quality and strength of your erections, increase ejaculation volume, and boost testosterone levels.

I'm a huge fan of these rings, because they're all natural, affordable and most importantly, they really do work.

I've compiled a list of short articles on the Ball Zinger Ring with product reviews, testimonials and information on how to use them.

But keep in mind...

The erection enhancing techniques described in my free ebook compliment this device perfectly, so make sure you Grab a Copy before you move on.

Remember, if you're suffering from erectile dysfunction, or suppressed testosterone levels, or if you want to supercharge your sex drive, enhance your erections, and increase the size and volume of your ejaculations, scroll down to learn more...

There are two main types of penis rings, and many of the regulars visitors to this site are using both.

The classic type Ring is used to keep blood inside your penis after you've achieved a solid erection.

This increases the hardness of your wood, and enhances sensitivity as well.

This ring also pulls your testicles away from your body, making them appear much bigger, fuller, and heavier.

This particular ring is typically used as a sex enhancer by men looking for harder wood, or those who have a hard time maintaining solid erections while having sex.

Click HERE to View Images of a Classic Penis Ring on ebay.

Penis Ring number two, the Blakoe-Zinger is the ring discussed at the top of this page.

This device is used to improve the quality and strength of your erections, increase ejaculation volume, and boost baseline testosterone levels.

This ring is more of a "Natural Medical Device" as opposed to a sex enhancer.

As a matter of fact, this device was invented by a medical doctor to treat incontinence in older men.

It worked great for this, and was actually the go to treatment for decades…until drugs were invented to treat the condition.

Now, it's used almost exclusively for it's secondary side effect...elevated hormone production in the body. A beneficial side effect documented by Dr. Blakoe when this device first came into use..

It's regained it's former popularity after four full decades of near silence, because of one particular group…

The Penis Enlargement Community...a group who uses the ring for hormone enhancemnent, sperm production, and tissue repair after an enlargement session.

Here's how this device works…

The two opposing metal rods inside the ring put out a small amount of electric current, which gently stimulates the tissues in your penis and testicles while you sleep.

This leads to the increased hormone production discussed earlier.

The hormone production is caused by stimulation of the leydig cells inside your testicles…the same cells that produce most of the testosterone inside your body.

The first thing most men notice after using this ring is more frequent morning erections, a clear sign that those metal rods are performing their magic.

Some men see this morning wood show up after the very first night of use, while others need a bit more time.

Click HERE to View Images of Zinger type ring on ebay.

To sum up…

If your main problems are erectile dysfunction and low sex drive, my advice to you would be...go for the Zinger.

If libido and hormone levels are already high, and your main goal is sexual enhancement, a classic penile ring would be your best bet.


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