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Massaging the Prostate for Orgasm!

Massaging the Prostate for Orgasm

I had a guy contact me a while back raving about this Massaging the Prostate for Orgasm topic…

He swore up and down that, once developed, this skill can lead to a profound increase in testosterone production.

This got my attention immediately, for obvious reasons…

I knew absolutely nothing about the technique at the time, so I contacted our resident sexologist, Jasmine Raymour, and had her write the article you'll find just below.

Before you dig into this content, I'd like to make a suggestion

Prostate orgasm is a higher level technique, suitable for men who already have all the hormones, erectile function, and sex drive they need.

If you're lacking in ANY of these three areas, you'd be much better off practicing These Exercises instead.

Once you've hit your objective, and arrived hormonally, feel free to dig into all the information below…

Massaging the prostate for orgasm

Massaging the prostate for orgasm is nothing new. Ancient civilizations have been practicing prostate massage for centuries.

Today, this practice continues with the same goal of total sexual satisfaction for men.

But, gaining profound pleasure from male prostate stimulation is a very delicate art.

You need to know the exact steps to take in order to achieve an amazing climax that only prostate massage can deliver.

The ABCs of Prostate Massage Ejaculation Techniques:

Lubricate, Wear a Glove, and Lubricate Some More

Before you do the ancient art of massaging the prostate for orgasm, you (or your partner) need to have lots of water-based lubricant and wear a vinyl disposable glove on one hand.

Don't Forget to Stimulate!

To really make it an earth-shattering experience, the first step in prostate massage ejaculation techniques requires gentle caressing and touching of the perineum, Penis, and anus areas.

This is actually an excellent foreplay prior to making love with your partner.

Try to Relax Anal Muscles!

When massaging the prostate for orgasm, make it a point to gently rub the surface of the anus with slow circular strokes in order to stimulate the nerve endings and relax the sphincters.

By making the muscles in this area less rigid, penetrating the anus will be more pleasurable rather than painful.

As the muscles relax, slowly and gently insert one or two fingers or a massaging device into the anal opening.

Experiment with Different Strokes!

When a finger or device is inside the anal cavity, try to vary the speed of the strokes and massages.

However, keep in mind that subtle and slow strokes are more desirable while deeply penetrating the anus to locate the prostate area.

Find the Sweet Spot!

Massaging the Prostate

Once a finger or device is deeply inside the anus, the next step is to gently grope for a textured walnut-shaped organ, which can be located within the perineum area (or the space between the anus and the scrotum).

This spot is very easy to locate. It's just a few inches inside the anus up towards the bellybutton.

You'll know when you've hit the correct spot when you feel the urge to urinate. You may also notice that seminal fluid will start to leak out of the head of your penis.

This leaking is why some people call prostate massage, "milking".

Start massaging one side of the gland and make light sweeping strokes toward the center. Then, repeat the process on the other side.

Mind the Pressure!

prostate massaging

Prostate massage ejaculation techniques start with light and gentle pressure. But the speed, pressure, and even tempo of the strokes can be increased gradually.

However, if you or your partner experiences pain, it is always best to slow down or stop the massage.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Massaging the prostate for orgasm is not rocket science. During your first attempts, you might feel pain, tenderness, or even awkwardness.

However, as you start to explore and experiment with strokes and pressures whether you are alone or with your partner, you can easily master these massage techniques.


You'll know when you have it right when...

  • You will become strongly aroused
  • Your penis becomes very erect
  • You have an overwhelming urge to ejaculate





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