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Male Size! Improve Erections! Enlarge Your Testicles!


Male Size

The Ball Zinger Penis Ring is a simple device that slides comfortably around your penis and testicles.

It consists of a soft tube with small silver and zinc rods that are positioned on each side of your testicles.

Once the rods come into contact with the moisture on your skin, they act as a natural battery and actually create a very small amount of electric current.

This current increases blood flow, and stimulates the leydig cells in your testicles to produce more sperm, seminal fluid, and higher levels of testosterone.

This increases testicle size and weight, and the size of your flaccid hang.

I know all of this sounds very strange.

The first time I read about it, I felt exactly the same way.


Things have changed for the better since I first discovered this device!

We have many testimonials from guys who have been using it..


They cost about 1/10th the price they did when I first discovered them.

More on that in a moment..

Blakoe Ring - Ball Zinger - Zinger Rop!

The original device called the Blakoe Ring, was invented and manufactured by Dr. Robert Blakoe in the 1950's as a treatment for incontinence.

Older guys who could not control their bladders wore the device to prevent bladder leak, and it worked extremely well for this purpose.

Most of these men required no further treatment after they started wearing the Blakoe Device regularly.

But a strange thing began to happen!

Many of these men started reporting some very interesting side effects.

They included...

  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Stronger, Harder Erections
  • Bigger Ejaculations
  • Increased Sexual Frequency

Now, this was very impressive, because these were not young guys.

Most of them were in their 70's and 80's!

The Blakoe remained very popular all through the 50's, but then slowly faded from the scene as drugs were invented to treat incontinence.

Fortunately, due to it's positive sexual side effects, the device retained a small but very loyal cult following, so it never completely faded away.

With the advent of the Internet, the Blakoe started to creep back onto the scene again.

In the late 90's word started to spread throughout the online penis enlargement community, and as a result, the device exploded in popularity once again.

Male Size! Blakoe-Zinger Rop!

When I first read about this device, the only unit available was the original Blakoe Ring, which sold and shipped from the UK, and cost about $150.00.

Recently, an industrious guy out of the penis enlargement community has begun to offer a better device, at a fraction of the price of the original Blakoe.

It's called the Zinger Rop, or sometimes the Ball Zinger.

You can check prices and availability by following the link below...

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

I recommend the Silver Zinger if you can afford it.

I've found it to be slightly more comfortable to wear and just a bit more effective.

If not, go for the less expensive copper device, which is still an excellent product.



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