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What is a Penis Ring? Zinger Questions & Answers


What is a Penis Ring? Zinger Questions & Answers

Hi Mark,

I have been using the Ball Zinger Penis Ring for about 1 month now.

I noticed my erections are a lot harder and more sensitive, length is just a little longer (not much, maybe 1/8th gain and girth is about 5.25).

So a bit was achieved from what I was previously. I had to replace the tubing once already because I had grown 1/4 inch of length and girth.

I am also using volume pills for about as along as I had my penis ring, to help increase my ejaculate.

So far only 1 real good orgasm with a good size ejaculate has been achieved since using this volume product. All others have been about "normal" to a slight increase in volume.

I was hoping for a little better showing, but what do you expect for only 1 month.

My biggest disappointment is having to constantly adjust the ring after sitting or just plain wearing it while doing other activities.

I end up having to take it off or it comes apart or just plain falls off.

But other than this it does work.

What is a Penis Ring? Zinger Questions & Answers

Hello JRSR,

I'm glad to hear about your improvement in hardness and sensitivity.

Hopefully you've seen an increase in the strength and frequency of your morning erections as well.

This enhanced "Morning Wood" is what most men experience first once they start using the Ring.

Regarding the slipping tubes, I know exactly what you're talking about.

As a matter of fact, I've written a post that describes a simple solution to this problem.

All you need to do is add a drop of super glue to the end of the tubes as you slip them over the rods.

Scroll down to toward the bottom of This Page for all the details


Let's talk about those sperm volume pills you've been taking.

The reason you haven't seen much benefit is because you've built up a SEVERE tolerance to all the ingredients inside the bottle.

There's no way you could NOT have developed tolerance after taking the exact same product for a month straight.

What you need now is a solid education on the concept of supplement cycling.

Make it a point to do this BEFORE you waste anymore of your money on volume pills, or any other OTC supplements.

Follow the link below for more info...

How to Cycle Supplements

Good luck!

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