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Increase Male Libido!

Men Sex Drive & Desire!

Increase Male Libido

Increase Male Libido!
Men Sex Drive & Desire!

We're going to talk about an unusual method to boost testosterone levels, and increase sexual libido on this page.

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How to Raise Testosterone Levels!

I've already devoted a page to the Blakoe Ring. This page is going to go into more specifics on an alternative device I recommend exclusively now,

First a little background...

The original Blakoe Ring was first developed before the Second World War by a Dr Robert Blakoe as a natural cure for incontinence.

The device consists of a small plastic tube with small electro dynamic copper and zinc plates which slides around your penis and testicles. These small metal plates produce a perpetual flow of electrical energy that stimulate the penis and testicles which increases circulation.

The device was highly effective at curing incontinence, but it also had several other positive benefits.

These include stronger, more powerful erections, increased libido and sexual desire, increased testosterone levels, bigger, fuller testicles, and an increase in the size of your flaccid hang.

Increasing Libido Naturally

One of the downsides of the original Blakoe is the price. At $140.00 plus shipping, it's not cheap. Fortunately, we have an alternative, that is less expensive, and more effective than the original device. We call it the Ball Zinger Penis Ring.

What is a Zinger?

In 2002, Tom Hubbard introduced the Zinger inspired by the 50+ years of clinically proven results from the Blakoe Ring. Famous in the Penis Enlargement community for being very effective and comfortable. The Zinger is worn on the groin next to the skin with the Zinc always on the left side. It is in fact a natural battery.

It has electro-dynamic Zinc and Copper/or Silver Rods which produce a perpetual flow of electrical energy (up to 1.284 volt) when in contact with the natural moisture of the skin. This small amount of electrical energy painlessly stimulates cellular growth and increased blood circulation for faster healing along with trans-dermal absorption of the very beneficial Zinc directly to the genitals improving their health and natural functions.

Due to the improved design of the Zinger, it is much more comfortable to wear than the Blakoe. The exterior is made of soft latex hosing, that is flexible, and light weight. After wearing for a few minutes, you'll forget that you have it on.

The improved design also makes this device much more effective. The stimulation of your penis and testicles is much more noticeable, and so are the effects.

Follow the link below to view pic's and check pricing info

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Increase Male Libido to PENIS ERECTION RING


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