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Blakoe Zinger Ring After a One Night Stand!

by Henry Tristan
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

Blakoe Zinger Ring After a One Night Stand!

As a male in my early 40's I never knew I had an issue with erections until I had a one night stand a while back.

This not so fine woman (hey, I was intoxicated) had the balls to ask me if I was cold or nervous while we were in the act. That was when I realized that there may be a problem with erectile dysfunction.

I was introduced to the Blakoe-Zinger Penis Ring last year while doing some research on the Internet. The price seemed to be much less than what I would have to pay in medical co-pays and embarrassing visits to the doctor.

As a side note here is how clueless I was. I have watched a few adult movies in my day and I always thought the male actors with their low hanging testicles had defective genitalia. As it turns out, I was the one with issues.

Anyway, I was desperate so I purchased the Balls Ring with a great deal of skepticism. Bound and determined to give this gadget a fair shot I started wearing it just in the evenings and at night when I went to bed.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this thing was. I forgot I had it on most of the time. Not only did it NOT annoy me but I started seeing results after the first week of wearing it.

My girlfriend at the time also started noticing the difference as I no longer looked like I was cold or nervous when getting ready to engage in extracurricular activities with her.

Needless to say I have started wearing the Blakoe Ring all the time shortly after that and it has performed as advertised.

My penis gets more erect and I'm ejaculating like never before and needless to say, I am very happy about that.

Blakoe Zinger Ring After a One Night Stand!

Hello Henry,

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience here, I appreciate it.

I do want to make one note of caution to those of you who are reading this.

Not everyone will respond to the Ring as well as Henry did.

For some the benefits are immediate and powerful, and for others, much more slow and subtle.

Where you'll fall on the spectrum is impossible to predict,


I can give you a few clues, because men who do well with the device do share a few common traits.

Most suffer from...

Small Ejaculations

Loss of Morning Wood

Less frequent spontaneous erections

Testicles which have shrunken in size

Erections not as hard and powerful as in the past


Guys who have suffered testicular atrophy due to steroid use seem to do real well with the product as well.

Those less likely to experience positive results include...

The morbidly obese

Heavy Drinkers - Alcoholics

Men using one or more prescription medications

Men who have undergone radiation treatment for prostate cancer

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