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A Question About the Magnetic Silver Zinger

A Question About the Magnetic Silver Zinger

Hi Mark,

I purchased a Magnetic Silver Zinger and in those first 3 days I was wearing it my penis was fuller and hung lower and heavier, as well as my testicles.

I loved it.

Erections were also very frequent.

But on the 3rd day I noticed all I had been experiencing the first 3 days had been lost and now I can't get it back.

Is this normal?

Or did I happen to deactivate it somehow?

I did start wearing it when I was jelquing and I was using castor oil, but then took the ring off, as it was getting in the way.

Could the castor oil have deactivated it?

Is there anything I can do to get it working like it did in the first 3 days?

Thank you

A Question About the Magnetic Silver Zinger

Hi John,

I've never come across this before.

The Ball Zinger is the one thing you do not need to cycle or set aside to avoid tolerance issues.

In other words, it's steady and consistent, no matter how often you wear it.

So the problem must lay elsewhere...

My suggestion would be to give it a good cleaning, and avoid castor oil or any other lubricants while using it.

You get more mileage out of the device after your enlargement sessions anyway.


Try to duplicate the mental state you were in the first 3 days you owned the device.

Were you fantasising, jelquing, paying extra attention to your penis and your overall sexual health during that period?

Don't underestimate the power of the mind, it plays a major part in this equation.

As you already know, the simple act of jelquing can have a huge impact on sex drive and erection strength and frequency.


If you allowed yourself to orgasm multiple times during those first few days, that could be your problem as well.


You ejaculations need to be controlled and harnessed, not casually thrown away whenever you feel the urge.

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