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Penis Stretching!

Manual Stimulation for Length & Girth!


Penis Stretching! Manual Stimulation for Length & Girth

I was sitting in the steam room at my local health club with a buddy after doing a deadlift routine, when a big muscle bound dude walked in.

He was of those guys that screams I'M USING STEROIDS, because his freakishly huge body didn't match up with the tiny little head sitting on his shoulders.

There were about 8 of us in the room at the time…we all glanced over, sized him up like men do, then went back about our business.

About 5 minutes later another guy walked into the room…average build, decent shape, but nothing special in the muscle department.

But unlike Mr. Steroid, this guy had the rapt attention of every single man in the room.

And his one defining feature was a massive penis that hung down a full five inches in an entirely flaccid state.

Extremely impressive to say the least!

The interesting part of this story is… his big package had trumped all that impressive muscle by a long shot. In other words, the real man in the steam room that day wasn't Mr. Muscle, it was Mr. Dong.

Today we're going to talk about this penis, self confidence, manhood, subject…

I'm going to show you why that fanatical infatuation you had with your penis in your teens was nothing to be ashamed of.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to convince you that you need to do whatever it takes to maintain that infatuation for the duration of your life.

We're also going to discuss a few enlargement techniques for those of you who are less physically blessed than others.

To sum up, today's post is going to be about every man's favorite subject…


Penis Stretching!
Manual Stimulation for Length & Girth

penis stretching

I want you to picture two men…

Man number one has a big belly hanging over his belt, a forest full of pubic hair surrounding his pelvis, and a small, barely visible penis protruding from all the residue.

When he gets out of the shower in the morning and looks below his waist, all he see's is a lot of hair, a lot of fat, and not a whole heck of a lot of penis.

But not man number two…

He's figured out that belly fat is a man killer, in more ways than one, so he's taken steps to get rid of his unsightly, protruding gut.

He's also beat back the forest, tamed the hairy beast, in order to release the manhood buried inside.

These two items alone were enough to make our man feel better about his appearance…more masculine, more virile, more sex ready if you will.

But man number two has taken this a step further…

He's gone to great lengths to hang onto that penile infatuation younger men are so blessed with. An infatuation closely tied to reproduction, male hormones, sex, and virility.

There are countless ways to keep these infatuation fires burning…internet porn addiction, prostitution, excessive masturbation, but our man doesn't play these self destructive games.

Short term pleasure can only be found in the above..pleasure that makes you feel less of a man once the activity is complete.

Our number two guy has taken quite a different path…

He gets his satisfaction in the shower several times a week, when he performs his enlargement sessions, otherwise known as jelqing.

Penis Enlargement exercises that allow him to maintain that infatuation, without destroying self confidence in the process.

Exercises that do not sap male hormones, but build them up, elevate them higher.

In essence, he's taken a self destructive behavior (porn addiction - excessive masturbation) and channeled it into something positive…enlargement of his manhood!

Here's the way you need to look at this…

If you're going to spend time playing with your penis every week…play in a way that will build up your hormones, boost your confidence in the bedroom, and enlarge your package all at the same time.

Ask any man who performs penis stretching exercises regularly, and he will tell you this is exactly what happens once you replace masturbation time with enlargement time.

After a PE session you always feel invigorated..after a masturbation session you always feel drained, tired, and sapped of hormones.

At the end of a masturbation session your penis looks soft and shriveled, and your testicles small and weak.

After a stretching session your penis looks and feels bigger, and your testicles fuller and heavier.

Especially if you don't orgasm during your PE sessions, which is something I recommend you NEVER do.

Here's a tip for you...

You can use this technique to replace edging entirely if you'd like, as PE follows the same process…stimulation of the penis, sexual tension, followed up by increased male hormone production.

You can choose to do one or the other, or both on different days of the week.

The choice is yours!

Penis Stretching!
Manual Stimulation for Length & Girth

Manual Stimulation for Length & Girth

So here's what we've established so far…

  • Strive to reduce the size of your protruding belly, as a flat stomach and a highly visible, good sized penis is a big time confidence builder.
  • Trim your pubic hair down to the lowest setting to enhance this visual image even further.
  • Replace masturbation time with penis enlargement time to boost confidence, keep hormones high and enlarge your package all at the same time.


Don't ever let a puritanical mindset get in the way of your infatuation with your penis.

This infatuation is entirely normal, and not something to be ashamed of, unless you allow excessive masturbation to take over your life.

Pass on this mindless pleasure, and use PE exercises as a positive substitution, which will scratch that touch, stimulate, play with your package itch, without all the negatives.

Ask any guy who's made the switch, and he'll confirm that you lose absolutely nothing in this trade off…but you definitely do gain in more ways than one.


I get asked all the time if penis stretching exercises really do work...

length vs girth stretching

My answer is, absolutely!

The problem most men have is, they want to grow an inch by next week, and I can assure you, that ain't going to happen.

The key to achieving success in this arena is mindset…the mindset I've described in detail in this post.

Make a lifetime commitment to maintain your infatuation with your penis..and facilitate that infatuation NOT with excessive masturbation, but with enlargement exercises.

These exercises are just as pleasurable, scratch that same compulsive itch, and will make you feel good about yourself over the long run.

The second most common question I get is…which should I go for, length or girth gains?

If your penis is short and thin, I'd suggest working on both.

BUT..if you already have decent length, I'd say go for thickness every time.

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