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Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

"I've been wearing my Zinger/Blakoe ring non stop for the last 2 weeks, and the results have been nothing short of amazing!

I NEVER would have even considered buying one of these if I hadn't have stumbled onto your site."

Thank you!

Fort Wayne, IN

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Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Boost testosterone levels naturally!

Following is a very unique method.

It may sound strange or unusual to you, but it has passed the test of time.

It will work, and work well, if you take it seriously.

The best Testosterone Booster you've probably never heard of!

It's called the Blakoe Ring.

The very first Blakoe ring was invented as a cure for incontinence in the early 1950's by the famous anatomist and physiologist, Dr. Robert Blakoe.

Most of the users of this product at the time were older men.

The ring worked very well as a cure for incontinence for these older gents, but it came with a very interesting side effect!

The Old Boys Started Getting Frisky!

Yes, Dr. Blakoe's patients were reporting dramatic improvement in their sex lives after using the Blakoe Ring.

This caused a sudden burst of publicity, which almost put an end to the product.

Why ?

In the 50's you just didn't talk about these things, which made advertising impossible.

Fortunately, the human grapevine, and word of mouth keep the product going.

What exactly is it?

It's a small plastic tube with small electro dynamic copper and zinc plates which slides comfortably around your penis and testicles.

It sounds strange, and uncomfortable, but after 2 minutes, you won't even remember you have it on.

How does it work?

The plates produce a perpetual flow of electrical energy that stimulate the penis and testicles which increases circulation.

This causes the testes to produce more T which will boost testosterone levels naturally.

Amazing Erections!

It also does amazing things in the erection department.

After a short period of time, you will see a big improvement is the firmness, and quality of your erections.

Is it safe?

Yes, it's very safe. Similar technology has been used in pro sports to treat injuries for decades.

The Blakoe ring itself has been worn by thousands of men all over the world with no reports of unwanted side effects.

It's a completely natural, drug free, non invasive way to boost testosterone levels naturally.

When do you wear it?

Lot's of men of wear it only at night. Some men rarely take it off.

It's very comfortable, so it's easy to forget you have it on.

It's also difficult to see underneath clothes, and won't easily fall of, so there's no down side to frequent use.

The upside is, the more you wear it, the better the results.

My Recommendation

I've helped a lot of people overcome low T levels over the years.

Along with my top 5 testosterone boosting supplements, I'd say I probably recommend this item the most.


Because it really does work!

With consistent use, you'll feel a noticeable increase in libido, and erection quality.

Best of all, unlike supplements, you won't build up a tolerance with continued use.

The ring keeps on working no matter how long you use it.


An ebay seller is now offering a similar product (Zinger) at a fraction of the price of the original Blakoe ring.

The quality exceeds the Blakoe, so I am now recommending his product exclusively.

Ball Zinger Penis Ring


Boost testosterone levels naturally to

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