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The Ball Zinger & The Placebo Effect!

by Anonymous

The Ball Zinger & The Placebo Effect!


If we turn our attention (mental energy) toward sexual potency, the brain will probably respond through the force of your attention, and produce more testosterone.

The Ball Zinger may be little more than an attention magnifier which excites brain neurons into producing what is desired.

Seems to me worth trying.

But I am unsure of how to verify which ball zinger product is the authentic one to buy from "Steve York" on Ebay because nobody lists on Ebay by their name, so far as I know ...

The Ball Zinger & The Placebo Effect!

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I went through a self hypnosis phase about two years ago, and had some success in increasing sexual energy, improving erections, etc...

The problem was, results weren't always consistent, plus it was extremely time consuming.

After a while I gave up on it.

Anyway, I'd argue that the Blakoe Ball Zinger Device creates more than a simple placebo effect, and here's why.

When doctor Blakoe was treating his original patients with the device back in the 40's, sex drive wasn't even part of the equation.

They were looking to prevent incontinence episodes, which they were quite successful in doing I might add.

The increased sex drive was a pleasant, and quite unsuspected side effect.

That being said, and as you insinuate in your question, even if there is a bit of a placebo effect going on, that's not a bad thing in and of itself.

Regarding which device to buy, I get this question once or twice a month, so obviously, something not working quite right on the site.

I add links to Steve's auctions on ebay on each page where I discuss the device.

For example, if you go to This Page and click on the very first link that says, "Ball Zinger Penis Ring", you'll go straight to the auction for the Silver Zinger.

This is Steve's best device and the one I use myself.

Hope that helps!

The Ball Zinger & The Placebo Effect to
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Jul 12, 2010
Yes, IT Happens
by: Mohammad


I would like to add a comment about the effect of the mind over testosterone. In fact, I feel the effect of hiegher testosterone levels most of the times I read through the website and the new posts. It seems something like it is Mark's spirit jumping out from his writings and affecting my spirit, which in turn affects my T levels. Maybe this is a gesture to what type of people one should accompany as they DO affect his spirit,which affects his whole life including his T level.

Thank you mark.

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