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How to Fix My Delayed Ejaculation Problem!

by Ron

How to Fix My Delayed Ejaculation Problem!

Hi Mark,

Love your website, all the advice works.

Have 2 problems maybe you can help me on.

1. I have turned into a "one-shot-wonder" since hitting my 40's. Any tips for multiple pops during an encounter?

My partner likes watching the explosion, so I'm interested in multiple ejaculations as opposed to multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

2. I suffer from DE (delayed ejaculation). It takes me a long time to cum if at all. Anyway to shorten time or increase penis sensitivity?

How to Fix My Delayed Ejaculation Problem!

Hi Ron,

You said...

Love your website, all of the advice works...

So I assume you're following my protocols?

If so, and you are Cycling the Supplements, wearing a Zinger, controlling Estrogen eating and exercising right, both of your problems should be solved by now.

If you're using some of the methods, but not all, you should consider going all in.


Because you've hit your 40's and guys who've surpassed the big 40 need more.

In other words, you've got 4 decades of damage, 40 plus years of bad habits to overcome, and a few Testosterone Boosters a week isn't going to cut it for you.

How to Fix My Delayed Ejaculation Problem!

That being said, if you are in excellent shape, do eat right, have taken steps to keep a lid on estrogen etc, etc..., there may be other problems.

If so, here are some things you should look at.

Pay attention to the chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis.

These agents can mimic estrogen in your system, which can shut down T production.

Substitute natural products for those loaded with harsh chemicals.

Pay attention to your soap, shampoo, cologne, deodorant, and other personal care items.

Also work to reduce your exposure to household cleaners, paints, gasoline, chlorine, and exhaust fumes.

Over exposure to these substances may be your problem.

You don't need to completely avoid these chemicals, just limit your exposure enough so the supplements can work their magic.


Continue to play with your dosages until you begin to experience side effects. Once they arrive, back down on the dose just a bit to discover your sweet spot.

Also, try chasing your products with a 5 hour energy. This enhances the effect of the herbs.


Don't forget to Edge!

Regular edgings sessions will help on both counts mentioned above...especially when done in the company of a woman.

Good luck!

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