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The Silver Ball Zinger & Testicle Massage!

by Dwight

Hi Mark,

Thanks from a very appreciative reader.

One puzzle is the Ball Zinger I got from paylessplaymore for about $25.00.

One rod could be zinc, the other is a hollow tube of the same color.

Isn't it supposed to be solid copper?

I found your site seeking some kind of info on testicle massage.

I think it was you who recommended at least 5 minutes daily.

I have since combined a rolling, whole testicle massage with Reiki and WOW what a joy.

Each morning when I do this my balls are big, firm and ready!

It is like they like it and now I can really include them with primary scene stealer and star Mr. Penis who often rises to full attention and lubes generously in joyful sympatico with my happy balls.

God man! How to describe these feelings - deep, intensely satisfying and widespread.

It is like finding the vagus nerve for the bottom half of the body. I get goosebumps down my legs and love and joy in my heart.

I can almost feel the Testosterone pumping out & the feelings last all day.

At night I put them to "bed" with 100 more strokes & can count on a very happy penis to wake me with a rock hard, oh so happy erection in the a.m.

It is SO great being a male and feeling those loving feelings every morning.

My penis would have me take him to the street and share the feelings with anyone who might want to feel him up.

With such all loving, joyful attachments as these, is there any excuse for all the hate & misery in the world perpetrated by so many men? Why don't they ever find this manly bliss?

Guys like you certainly help the cause.

Congratulations on your own transformation! I believe the body wants to be happy and fulfilled & one's penis and testicles are reason enough to make the effort.

I see I have very masculine hands. Guess I've been pretty well drenched in T all my life. I've always wished my penis was bigger but would that make it any more sensitive or responsive?

I got a great unit loaded with feelings and personality.

He is one of the great joys of my life and thanks to sites like yours, I can keep it that way.

Love ya Mark.

Thanks and keep it up!

A fan,

The Silver Ball Zinger & Testicle Massage!

Hello Dwight,

Thanks for the props, I appreciate it!

You're not the first person to wonder about the rods in the Silver Zinger, so I'm glad you asked about it.

The silver device has one zinc, and one silver rod, which are both similar in color.

The silver rod is hollow, but is still dense and heavy.

It's very unlike the thin copper tubing some ebay sellers are installing in their Zingers.

Steve York explains all this better than I ever could, so I'll quote him from a recent email below...

I was granted the exclusive right to manufacture the Silver Zinger II design by the inventor as long as I did not change the design, which called for a hollow copper/sterling silver rod.

My magnetic Silver Zinger also is, and always has been, manufactured with a hollow sterling silver rod.

The solid sterling silver rods, the last time I priced them in 2007, were $90 USD an inch which would price them at $180 plus shipping.

There would be no added benefit from a solid silver rod, plus, I don't think there would be too many buyers for a $225 -$350 Zinger.

There you have it!

Keep in mind, the Silver Zinger consistently outperforms the copper models when tested side by side with a voltage meter.

Plus, the device you're using is the exact same model I own and use myself, if that makes you feel any better.

Testicle massage!

This is a very under appreciated exercise!

As you've discovered, a consistent massage routine will enhance morning erections, increase ejaculation volume and boost male hormone levels, all at the same time...

Free of charge, with no drugs, no doctors, and no side effects!

What else could you ask for?

Thanks much for your feedback!


The Silver Ball Zinger & Testicle Massage to Boost Testosterone-Home

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