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The 5 Major Symptoms of Andropause!

Treat Male Menopause, Naturally

symptoms of andropause

Symptoms of Andropause!
Natural Male Menopause Treatment

I was taking a walk this morning, and saw a woman running bra-less with plenty of movement going on underneath her shirt.

As she approached, I had quite the shock as I discovered that SHE was actually a HE!

A 50-ish year old guy, with a giggly set of C cups bouncing underneath his shirt.

Not a pretty sight!

That was all the inspiration I needed to bang out a post I've been meaning to write for quite a while now...

The 5 Major Symptoms of Andropause...

Do yourself a big favor, and read these symptoms very carefully...

If you ever suffer from any of these issues, now or in the future, make it a point to take action immediately.


Because it's not just the embarrassment of developing man boobs, or the decreased sex drive you need to worry about.

Your very life is at stake here!

According to one study published in the Journal of Metabolism....

Men with low testosterone are more likely too suffer a heart attack than men with diabetes, high blood pressure, or even elevated cholesterol.

As a matter of fact, men with Low T even beat out the smokers in this study!

But that's not all...

Low T males are also much more likely suffer from cancer, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

Here's what all this boils down to....

The sexual side effects of andropause can be quite unpleasant, but premature death from the maladies listed above is even worse.

The 5 Major Symptoms of Andropause!

Let's get down to the specifics, and discuss the major symptoms now...

Shrinking Testicles

I can easily tell which way my hormones are headed, simply by paying close attention to my testicles.

Are they heavy, full and firm, or are they small, soft and light in weight?

Are they producing plenty of sperm, or am I ejaculating by the drop?

If your testicles are heading in the wrong direction, you can count on the fact that estrogen is taking over in your system.

And, as estrogen levels climb in your body, Testosterone levels plummet.

This hormonal shift is the leading cause of testicular atrophy and decreased ejaculation volume in men.

Low Sex Drive

symptoms of andropause

Some call this the senior slump, but you don't need to be an old man to qualify.

I get emails on a weekly basis from men under 30 who've lost the interest or motivation to have sex.


As a man, sexual activity should always be a top priority in your life.

If you ever lose the urge, you can bank on the fact that you've lost the male hormones every man so desperately needs.

Loss of Morning Erections

A morning erection should be a daily occurrence in your life, plain and simple.

Testosterone levels peak in the early A.M hours, which should lead to strong sexual motivation, and hard morning wood.

If these don't show up as planned, get ready, because things are only going to get worse.


Because T levels in the average male decline by a whopping 50 percent between the morning and evening hours.

This decline will lead to a persistent, late in the day, hormonal crash in a man with low baseline T.

Feminization of the Body

andropause symptoms

Remember the runner mentioned at the top of this page?

I'd be my hard earned cash he was attempting to exercise his man boobs into oblivion.

I'd bet even more cash that his plan will ultimately fail.


Because man boobs are not a body fat issue, they are a hormonal one.

Keep in mind...

Once a man begins developing boobs, he's entered the estrogen zone.

And this feminine hormonal shift will lead to decreased muscle mass, gyno, and small, soft, weak testicles.

The Cure?

Shift your body back into the masculine zone, by increasing testosterone, and placing estrogen levels firmly in check.

Loss of Motivation - No Zest for Life

A man with high testosterone is motivated and energetic, by default.

Mother natures design is very simple in this regard...

When war is at hand, or when women or food are needed, she responds by opening up the testosterone flood gates.


Because testosterone is like rocket fuel to a man, and when the tank is full action is not an option, it's a requirement.

And men in need of protection, women, or food definitely need to take action.

The 5 Major Symptoms of Andropause!

Of course...

In the modern world, your battles are more likely to be waged in the boardroom, or on the football field...

But, all the same rules still apply!

From here on out, use your motivation as a barometer...

Is your career moving forward, or have you been relegated to the back office?

In your personal life...

Are you taking on exciting projects or are you wasting your life away in front of the television?


If you want to be productive, motivated, energetic, and successful in your life, put a major emphasis on optimizing your testosterone levels.

Once achieved, you'll find that everything else in your life falls into place in beautiful fashion...

The motivation, the erections, the masculine body, the healthy testicles, and sex drive no man should ever live without.

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