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Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction!

Fix Your ED Without Drugs

Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re looking for a natural cure for erectile dysfunction, the first thing you need to ask yourself is this….

Do you ever wake up in the morning with an erection?

If you do, this is good news because it means the arteries leading into your penis are still in decent shape…because you’d never get an erection if they weren’t.

If you fall into this category…

There are two tips outlined in my free ebook that will help you get more frequent morning wood, especially if you do them consistently.

This should be your first step before you move on.

The next step is step is to figure out how you can achieve and maintain that hard wood at night as well…  

And I’ll admit, this is a bit more challenging, although it’s definitely is doable.

The challenge comes from the fact that your testosterone levels can drop quite dramatically as your day progresses….

And you can actually have half as much testosterone in your system at 7 pm as you did when your alarm went off at 7 am that morning.

And if you’re over the age of 30, the gap between morning and evening testosterone is probably already quite substantial.

Logan Christopher covers this material in his Morning Wood Report, which he was offering at no charge the last time I checked.

I suggest you download that too if its still available when you click over.

Now, let’s get started…

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction - 3 Tips

Tip Number 1: Reduce or Eliminate Porn Consumption

Excessive porn consumption takes the neurotransmitters in your brain that you need to bring on an organic erection, and screws them all up.

And the more porn you watch, the bigger this problem is going to be.

Recent estimates have put porn induced cases of ED up at a whopping 20 percent.

And if you’ve been giving in and going after it too much (especially the extremely graphic stuff) this very likely explains why you’ve lost the ability to create hard wood in normal situations….

And by normal I mean, when you crawl into bed with a real girl and attempt to have real sex with her.

So if you’re a big consumer of porn…

And your erections aren’t working right, try dropping it cold turkey …and when the need to climax arises, go find your girl and take care of business with her.

This takes discipline, especially if you’ve become addicted, but it works like pure magic.

Tip Number 2: Supplement With Pine Pollen.

Pine pollen is a unique herb because it boosts both erectile function and testosterone at the same time.

Most men will feel the effects after the first dose because pine pollen increases Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (nighttime erections) very effectively.

It also balances out your Androgenic (male) and Estrogenic (female) hormones, which increases desire later in the day…especially in men who’s T levels typically drop.

I suggest you use pine pollen no more than once a week to avoid tolerance issues.

Learn more here

Tip Number 3: Increase Time Spent In REM Sleep

It’s during deep REM sleep that your body repairs and rebuilds itself, and this includes the plumbing leading into your penis…

And when you fail to get adequate levels of REM, those pipes can become blocked, less pliable and stiff which will have a negative impact on your ability to achieve an erection.

REM sleep is also when your body sends out pulses of testosterone, as part of this rebuilding process, so you lose out on that as well if you miss your REM sleep mark.

Ideally you should sleep for a minimum of seven hours, with 25% of that time spent in deep, coma like REM sleep.

If you’re falling below that mark, here are some tips get your numbers up:

  • Sleep in a very dark room
  • Use white noise if necessary
  • Keep your bedroom temps cool
  • Reduce exposure to artificial light after sunset
  • Supplement with ZMA, to increase time spent in deep sleep


The info below was written for men who have blood flow problems…and not issues low testosterone caused by poor sleep, excessive porn consumption, etc.

Make sure you understand the difference before you read on.

Natural ED Cure - Part 2

I'm here to tell you that you can get your erections back!

To show you that you can revive that wood of yours...

That wood that used to show up every single day of the week, back when you were a younger man...

And guess what?

Despite what you've been told in countless TV commercials, radio spots, and magazine ads....

You do not have to take a prescription drug for the rest of your natural life to make this happen.

Yup, you can pass on the blue pills, and all the negative side effects that come along with them.

Natural erectile dysfunction cure

Pass and use natural, over the counter erection supplements instead....

Supplements that side step the side effects, and work to bring your body back into balance and harmony with nature.

To increase blood flow, and relax the vessels that lead to the penis, which will allow you to achieve powerful, Rock Hard Erections, naturally.

No prescription drugs needed or necessary, thank you very much!

Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction!
OTC Erection Supplements for Men!

But please keep in mind...

The supplements we're about to discuss are for men who still have some sexual desire....

In other words, the desire is there, but the plumbing isn't cooperating for some reason.

(Think soft - semi hard erections, or wood that disappears in the middle of the act)

These are not for men with zero libido, no drive, no motivation, and no zest for life.

If this describes you, you'd be much better of cycling these natural Testosterone Boosters instead.

ED Supplements

OK, moving on...

I can't take credit for this entire list.

Sure, I've discussed several of these products on my site, but never this complete package.

The credit for this goes to several of my site visitors...

Visitors who've taken what I've given them and tested, tweaked, added, and taken away, until they found specific combinations that worked like true magic.

And best of all...

Every single one of these products was purchased at our discount supplement supplier, Physician Formulas.

There's not a single over hyped, over marketed, over priced product in this entire list.

So when you see a supplement listed for only $11.95, don't feel like you need to go out and pay more.

This system was tested using these exact supplements, so spending additional cash is entirely unnecessary.

OK, lets get started...

Following is a list of all 6 supplements we recommend.

Taken individually, these products do definitely produce results.


When taken together as a whole, these effects are magnified by a factor of 10 or more.

Here's number 1...

Free Form L-Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid used by the body to make nitric oxide....

N.O signals the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels to relax, which allows them to dilate, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis.

Without nitric oxide, powerful erections are virtually impossible.

Arginine will increase blood levels of this important vasodilator in your body, and it will do so naturally, without negative side effects.


2 Grams in the morning & 2 Grams afternoon - early evening.

L Citrulline


L-Citrulline acts as a potent blood vessel dilator and nitric oxide booster as well...

As a matter of fact, many scientists believe it may be even more effective than arginine itself. (It's actually an arginine precurser)

A recent study found that L-Citrulline produced substantial relaxation of blood vessels and increased levels of nitric oxide in the blood.

It also elevates an important chemical called cyclic GMP, which delivers further relaxation of smooth muscles in the penis.

And here's the kicker...

Arginine and Citrulline work synergistically together.

In other words, when you take both, the power and effectiveness of each increases dramatically.


2 caps morning - 2 caps late afternoon - early evening


This supplement is derived from the bark of the French maritime pine tree.

Pycnogenol is actually made up of a group of compounds that boost the activity of the enzyme responsible for converting arginine to nitric oxide.

Can we all say synergy again?

One very good clinical trial showed that when L-Arginine was combined with pycnogenol, 80 percent of the study participants reported Significant improvement in erectile function and strength.


1 Cap in the morning - 1 cap afternoon or early evening


CDP Choline is converted by your body into the neurotransmitter, Acetyl-Choline.

When sexually stimulated, Acetyl-Choline sends impulses through the spinal chord, down to the nerves in the penis.

These electrical impulses trigger the release of N.O, which relaxes the blood vessels in the penis.

Once again, another nitric oxide booster, that follows an entirely different pathway than the supplements above.

More synergy folks!


One cap in the morning.
Skip the evening dose to avoid insomnia.


Nattokinase is widely known as the ultimate circulation boosting enzyme.

Nattokinase is made from Natto, which is a fermented food consumed widely in Japan.

This powerful enzyme has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese medicine to improve circulation, thin the blood, and keep the arteries clear and healthy.

And as we all know, healthy arteries lead to healthy erections.

This is the dark horse supplement in the group, that most of you have probably never heard of.

Do yourself a favor, and do not underestimate the effectiveness of this product.


1 Cap in the morning - 1 cap afternoon or early evening


Passion Rx

Keep in mind, this is not an every day supplement.

Unlike the products discussed above, this one cannot be taken every day.

Do so, and you will quickly build up a tolerance, and it will stop working entirely.

This extremely potent erection booster should be taken only once a week...ideally when you have a sexual encounter on the horizon.

Use it like a natural, side effect free version of Viagra

erection supplements testimonial

Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction Disclosure:

Speak with your doctor before acting on any of the information found on this site. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

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