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Balls Ring!

How to Increase Ejaculation Volume!

Balls Ring!
How to Increase Ejaculation Volume

If you're looking to develop lower hanging testicles, I've written an entire page on the subject HERE.

On this page we're going to discuss the galvanic penis-balls ring, otherwise know as the Ball Zinger Penis Ring.

This ring is not used to stretch your testicles or scrotum.

It's used to increase testosterone production, improve erectile function, and to increase the volume and size of your ejaculations.

This balls ring goes by several names, including...

  • Blakoe Ring
  • Ball Zinger
  • Ring of Power
  • Zinger Rop
  • Galvanic Ring

Blakoe-Ball Zinger Reviews!

The vast majority of the regular visitors to this site use this device on a daily basis.

You can read some of their testimonials by clicking the link above.

Why has it become so popular among my site visitors?

Three reasons...

It's Affordable

It's Drug & Side Effect Free

And Finally...

Because it Really Works!

Blakoe-Ball Zinger Information!

How does it work?


The ring consists of a soft silicon tube, with small metallic rods which are placed inside the tube.

These rods react with the moisture on your skin, which creates a small amount of electric current.

In essence, the ring acts as a very low power, natural battery.

The small amount of electric current it puts out stimulates your body to do several thing.

For example it...

  • Increases Blood Flow to the Genitals
  • Increases the Strength & Power of your Erections
  • Supports Testosterone Production
  • Increases Sperm Production
  • Increases the Size & Weight of the Testicles

The Original Blakoe Ring!

The original Blakoe Ring was developed by a doctor back in the 1950's.

It is still widely available on the Internet, but costs a whopping $130, and that usually doesn't include shipping charges.

Fortunately, due to it's growing popularity in the penis enlargement community, we have an alternative.

An alternative that costs a fraction of the price of the original.

An ebay entrepreneur is now offering a much better device, starting at about $20.

Click the link below to check prices & availability...

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Most of us started with the standard model, which works great.

If you can afford 9 bucks more, I recommend you upgrade to the Silver Zinger which puts out about 20% more current.

If money is tight, don't sweat it!

The original is what most of us around here started off with, and it does the job just fine.


After you've worn the device for a couple of weeks, make it a point to contact me with your feedback.

You can get a hold of me via the "ask me a question" button on the navigation bar to the left.

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