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Testicle Enlargement!

by Dale


What's your opinion on enlarging the testicles by pumping them?

Testicle Enlargement

Hello Dale,

Testicle pumping will stretch the scrotum, and enlarge the testicles somewhat, although there is debate whether or not this enlargement is permanent.

There's a pretty good argument for the fact that once you stop the pumping, most of the gains are lost.

Penis pumps are weak at best when it comes to penis enlargement, so I have my doubts about testicle pumping as well.

My primary focus in regards to testicles has to do with optimal testosterone production.

Heavy, full, healthy testicles, will produce all the testosterone a man will ever need.

Small, weak, unhealthy testicles won't.

The focus here on this site is on testicle health.

Once you wrap your brain around that concept, the enlargement comes naturally.

Most of the regular visitors to this site can testify to the fact that your testicles will grow in size, and your ejaculation volume will increase, once you start following the protocols on this site.

Simply shifting the balance of estrogen and testosterone in your system will increase testis size.

Remember, elevated estrogen is one of the leading causes of testicular atrophy in men.

Cycling Testosterone Supplements will also lead to heavier, fuller balls.

Many of the supplements we use around here increase sperm production, particularly tongkat ali.


Most of the regular visitors to this site wear a Ball Zinger Device.

This penis ring stimulates the leydig cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone, and more sperm, which results in larger, fuller testicles.

Thanks for your question!

Testicle Enlargement to
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Mar 27, 2017
Pumping ball sack for permanent results
by: Don

I am 69 years old and I've been pumping my sack to fill a 2.75 x 8.50 tube two to three times a week for over two years.

I also do daily stretching exercises in the shower. My permanent unpumped size has more than doubled and continues to get larger. I can fill the tube now in less than 30 minutes and sometimes I pump all night, but always two hours or more.

My sack hangs permanently lower and my wife loves to pull on it during sexual intercourse and blow jobs. It has been well worth the effort.

Feb 08, 2011
Encourage ball pumping
by: Max

Mark... Really have enjoyed your site. I've been using the Blakoe Penis Ring for several years (one I made using copper & zinc) and it's definitely worked wonders.

I've had ED for the past ten years, but with the BZ it's improving.

I also pump my balls and do see some increasing effect as they subside. My balls are more firm and seem larger even hours after pumping.

I encourage going slow and not going for the huge inflated scrotum.

Keep up your encouragement!

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