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Penis Aid!


Penis Aid!

Powerful Erections & Increased Ejaculation Volume!!

Blakoe Ring - Ball Zinger FAQ

Interest in this device has gone through the roof since I found an affordable and reliable source for the Ball Zinger Penis Ring right here in the US.

Lately I've been getting several emails a day with questions on this device. Hopefully, this FAQ will slow down the onslaught a bit.

If you've been directed to this page after sending me an email, please don't be offended. Carefully read the FAQ. If your question isn't answered, feel free to send me a follow up email.

How does the Ball Zinger Work!

The device consists of two polar metal rods that produce a small amount of electrical current. This current, which runs through the testicles and penis, stimulate the leydig cells in the testis to produce more testosterone.

Once you wear it for about a week, you'll notice an increase in ejaculation volume, elevated libido, and an increase in the size of your flaccid hang.

Is the Ball Zinger - Blakoe Device Safe?

This same technology has been used to treat sports injuries for decades.

The Blakoe ring itself has been worn by men all over the world since the 1950's, with no reports of unwanted side effects.

This is a completely safe, natural, drug free method to boost testosterone, and improve the quality of your erections.

How Often Do I wear Wear the Ball Zinger - Blakoe Device?

That's up to you. Some guys wear it only at night. Others, during the day at work. Since the newer Zinger is so comfortable to wear, a lot of men wear it 24/7.

Once you have it on for a minute, you'll completely forget about it. Since it can't be seen or detected beneath your clothing, you can wear it just about anywhere.

How often you decide to put it on is completely up to you.

Just keep in mind, the more you wear it, the more you'll feel the effects.

How Do I keep the Zinger-Blakoe Secure.

The device is shipped with a soft flexible silicone tube which is adjustable, so once size fits all.

Once you get the length right, I recommend that you put a dab of super glue on each end just before slipping over the rods.

Once the glue dries, the tubes will never slip off, and the device will stay in place even under extreme circumstances.

Which Zinger Blakoe Device Should I Buy!

They all work great! The Silver Zinger II penis aid puts out a bit more juice, and is a bit smaller, so you should go that route if you can afford it.

If not, the basic model works just about as well, although it's a little bit bulkier.

In my opinion, both models are superior to the original blakoe, so you can't lose either way.

I Followed the Link but There Were None Available!

Just keep checking back.

As I said earlier, he's selling a lot of these, so he occasionally sells out. Once that happens, it takes a day or two to get more items listed.

Click below to check availability now...

Ball Zinger Penis Ring



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