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Is it Normal for a Man Over 40 to Lose His Sex Drive?

by Ron
(Los Angeles)

Is it Normal for a Man Over 40 to Lose His Sex Drive?

Hi Mark,

I'm 43 take no prescription medications, don't use drugs and drink in moderation.

I'm probably 15 pounds overweight, but I'm 6 ft so I carry it well.

Aside from the bit of extra weight, I'm extremely healthy, except for the fact that I have no sex drive whatsoever.

My doctors says a drop in testosterone is a normal part of the aging process, and said he could prescribe a testosterone gel to fix the problem.

I've avoided medications this long and am very reluctant to start on one now.

What do you suggest?

Is it Normal for a Man Over 40 to Lose His Sex Drive?

Hello Ron,

I suggest you fire your doctor and take your health into your own hands.

My opinion only, read full disclosure at bottom of page.

Go his route and start rubbing the Androgel onto your chest every morning, and a whole cascade of events will occur, most of them negative.

You can get more information on Androgel Side Effects Here.

Your job now is to get your sex drive back up, without sacrificing your testicles.

Instead of shutting your boys down, you need to turn them on, get them producing again.

Here's how...

Cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters

Men on the South side of 40 have a tendency to do real well on these supplements.

Just make sure you follow the cycling instructions on the page above EXACTLY as described.

Do this and these T Boosters will deliver the goods your looking for, week in and week out.

Wear a Blakoe Style Penis Ring

Again, men post 40 usually respond well if they wear the device consistently.

Follow the link above for product info and testimonials from men currently using the device.

Practice Orgasm Without Ejaculation

I like to call edging exercise for the testicles.

Get your woman involved in the session to make the process even more enjoyable.

Just make sure you ejaculate no more than twice a week, or even better just once.

Burn Body Fat

Your last order of business is to lose that extra 15 pounds of fat.

Body fat harbors the enzyme aromatase, which converts your testosterone into estrogen very effectively.

The lower your body fat levels the lower the conversion rate will be.

That's it!

Follow this plan religiously for 30 days, and you'll prove to yourself that testosterone replacement is entirely unnecessary.

Especially for a healthy man still in his 40's

Good luck!

Is it Normal for a Man Over 40 to Lose His Sex Drive to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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