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The Cause of Low Testosterone!

The Cause of Low Testosterone

I've been running this hormonal health website for years, and I speak to men just like you daily…

Regular guys, who are missing that special something..who feel like the hormone tank has run dry WAY ahead of schedule.

All this experience has given me some pretty good clues as to what the most common causes of suppressed testosterone are.

Compiled based on my own personal experience as a former Low T Man, COMBINED with the experiences of thousands of men who visit this site every day of the week.

My suggestion to you is, take the information below and use it proactively to change your life

What you DO NOT want to do is, attempt to drug your problem into oblivion…

Trust me, this route will only lead to damaged testicles, extreme disappointment and abysmal failure on your part.

Say NO to the drugs and artificial hormones, and say YES to bringing your body back into equilibrium, naturally.

Let's Get Started on the List…

The Cause of Low Testosterone


Excess Body Fat:

If you've got a thick layer of fat parked around your mid section, your testosterone is under direct attack. And this attack is coming from a little known enzyme called aromatase, that lives and breaths right there inside your fat tissues.

And the more body fat you have, the more of this aromatase you're going to have wreaking havoc inside your system.

What this pesky enzyme does is...it takes that essential testosterone circulating in your blood stream and converts it into the feminizing hormone, estrogen.

You can see this estrogen at work in overweight men everywhere… as feminine fat distribution takes over a mans body…right down the fleshy, soft breasts that should really ONLY be found on a woman.

Fortunately, you don't need a powerful drug, surgery, or a degree in rocket science to figure this one out.

Simply Lose the Weight, and that aromatase that's been making you cry like a girl at the movies, will go bye bye for good.

Cause of Low Testosterone # 2... Elevated Estrogen:

Aromatase isn't the only culprit behind the out of control estrogen and suppressed testosterone levels found in many men today.

Other suspects include…

Lose the weight we talked about earlier if needed…then address ALL 3 issues above, and you'll bring your estrogen levels down into the optimal range.

And once that estrogen is stabilized, your testosterone levels will climb back up, automatically.

Cause of Low Testosterone #3... Prescription Medications:


The average 65 year old male here in the US now uses a whopping 6 different prescription medications DAILY!!!

And it's not just the older guys getting slammed here…

It's rare when I talk to a man over the age of 45 who hasn't been prescribed statins.

And those statin medications are FREQUENTLY chased with other drugs to manage blood pressure, diabetes, prostate issues or anything else the doctor can think of.

This insane drug madness has gotten so wildly out of control, it literally boggles the mind.

Doctors no longer even try to heal a person anymore…they just attempt to Out-Drug symptoms, which ALWAYS leads to significant, life altering side effects.

One of the most prominent of these is Low T!

Antidepressants, diabetes drugs, beta blockers, and prostate meds are the most obvious culprits, but it certainly doesn't stop there.

Remember…before FDA approval, all medications were tested for negative side effects INDIVIDUALLY, not in combination with a fist full of other drugs.

When any man randomly swamps his system with several different medications all at once, no one knows for certain what's going to happen, but I can definitely provide you with a couple of clues…

How about No Testosterone and No Erections for starters?

I've never met a men yet who is taking 2 or more medications, who is NOT suffering from severely suppressed testosterone, stone cold erectile dysfunction, or a vicious combination of both.

And once that number jumps to 3 or more medications, it's game over….and by game over I mean no sex drive, no erections, no motivation, no personality, no humor, no NOTHING!

We're talking ZOMBIE here…a life literally not worth living.

The Cause of Low Testosterone in Men

cause of low testosterone

If this is starting to sound all too familiar to you, here's some advice that I suggest you take to heart…

Find a doctor who will work with you to get off ALL drugs and medications, as soon as possible.

A medical man who will treat you and your body as a whole, living, breathing organism.

Who will help you to control cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, lower glucose levels, shrink that prostate, or whatever you need, WITHOUT using drugs that will ruin your life!

Remember…every single one of the conditions listed above can be treated with simple lifestyle changes…without drugs, without unnecessary suffering, without negative side effects!

The Cause of Low Testosterone

I'm going to turn down the heat now, and give you a little good news to chew on as we begin to wrap things up here...

There's a slow and steady movement toward this vision I just spoke of…and every day, more and more doctors are climbing on board. Good men, smart enough to see the insanity going on everywhere around them.

Your job is to find that special doctor today, then make your very first appointment by tomorrow.

A google search with your city and the keywords…"Naturopathic Doctor" should get it done.


Once you get off those drugs, come back here and see me again, and I'll show you first hand what can happen to a man once he starts treating his body as temple.

Feeding and exercising it right…supplementing with Gentle T-Boosting Herbs provided by mother nature, that do NOT bring negative side effects into a mans life.

It's all really very simple…

Treat your body right, and it will give you everything you're looking for in life…health, energy, and the sex drive and powerful erections no man should EVER have to live without.

The Cause of Low Testosterone

You could call the details outlined above, the "Low Hanging Fruit", the most obvious stuff I can see from my particular vantage point.

If we could all simply get a grip on these factors alone, we'd be Hugh Hefner clones right now, CIRCA 1969…smoke jacket, steaming jacuzzi, blond babes everywhere and all.

Swimming in those hormones that give you that juice you need to go after life with extreme gusto!

But I know that some of you don't quite fit this mold…you don't have body fat issues, out of control estrogen, or a daily drug habit.

If this is you, buckle down and grab a hold of your mouse…because you and I have still some work to do…

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