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Silver Ball Zinger v.s Copper Penis Ring

by N C

Silver Ball Zinger v.s Copper Penis Ring

Hi Mark,

I already have a balls ring which has a rod made of copper on one side and zinc on the other.

Are the silver ones more effective?

If I order a silver ring too, could I wear them both and would that enhance the effect?

Love to hear your thoughts on copper vs silver and two rings vs one!

Silver Ball Zinger v.s Copper Penis Ring

Hello NC,

This was checked out last year by a guy in Australia who owns both models.

His tests with a voltage meter confirmed that the silver zinger does put out a bit more juice than the copper model.

That being said, I own and use both Penis Rings, and personally can't feel any big difference in voltage between the two.

In other word, both products deliver the goods I'm looking for...

Consistent morning erections, harder wood, and increased ejaculation volume.

The main reason I prefer the silver zinger is, ease of use...it's smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to wear.

But, if you own a copper model and have no problems with it, I wouldn't worry about upgrading.


Because you can increase the voltage significantly by placing a little saline solution (salt water) on the ring.

Just drizzle a bit over the rods before you put it on, and you'll increase the voltage over and above what the silver zinger puts out.


Wearing two rings at the same time wouldn't be practical.

Save yourself the hassle, and use the saline technique mentioned above instead.

Do this, and you'll get all the voltage you need.

Good luck!

Silver Ball Zinger v.s Copper Penis Ring
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