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Vasectomy Testosterone and Libido!

vasectomy testosterone

Vasectomy Testosterone and Libido!

Vasectomy Side Effects! Vasectomy Complications!

Some guys who get a vasectomy seem to have no problems or complications, but that's definitely not the case with ALL men.

Read a few of the comments at the very bottom of this page, and you'll find many, many unhappy individuals.

The most common complaints are lack of energy, low sex drive, depression, testicular pain, painful ejaculation, and pressure in the testicles.

Vasectomy complications!

Inflammatory, Autoimmune Reactions!

After you get your tubes tied, sperm is still produced, but it has nowhere to go. In some men, the immune system kicks in, as it sees this backed up sperm as a threat or foreign invader.

The immune system attacks the sperm which can lead to testicular pressure, testicle pain, and damage to the testicles.

At 1 year after vasectomy, 60%–70% of men have antisperm antibodies present in their serum (Linnet and Hjort, 1977; Linnet et al 1981)

Vasectomy Testosterone!

PVPS or post vasectomy pain syndrome!

Many men experience significant pain following the surgery, especially during sexual activity.

Since the testicles will continue to produce sperm after the operation, pressure builds.

This leads to leakage, which can trigger the immune response discussed above.

Surprisingly, many men develop this pain 5 to 10 years after the surgery.

Unilateral Epididymal Blowouts!

vasectomy and testosterone

This is a bursting of the tubes that were tied during the procedure. According to Shapiro and Silber, 1979, Unilateral epididymal blowouts occur in 10% of patients after vasectomy within 10 years.

Vasectomy Ejaculation - Ejaculation after Vasectomy!

Pain during ejaculation is one of the side effects of vasectomy.

Nerves can become trapped in the fibrous tissue caused by vasectomy.

This pain is often heightened during intercourse and ejaculation because, with arousal and ejaculation, muscles elevate the testis.

A large number of nerves that run parallel to the vas are easily cut or damaged during vasectomy.

According to CORY G. CHRISTIANSEN AND JAY I. SANDLOW The University of Iowa Department of Urology..

Each component of the ejaculatory system... seems to be affected in some way by vasectomy.

It has long been believed that many of these structures were simply collecting areas for sperm and made little or no contribution to the process of ejaculation or sperm maturation.

On the contrary, these structures are key to maintaining the viability of the ejaculatory system.

Vasectomy Risks!

I'm confident that 100 years from now, vasectomy will be looked upon as backwards and primitive in the same way that blood letting, Frontal Lobotomy's, and electric shock treatment are now.

It surprises me that so many men are willing to undergo this treatment. Even though some will experience few side effects right away, I'm convinced that over the long haul, most will.

There's a very good reason why vasectomy reversals are are such a common procedure today. In ever major city across the country, you'll find several doctors who specialize ONLY in vasectomy reversals. This fact alone speaks volumes if you really think about it.

My advice to you!

If you're thinking about getting a vasectomy, think twice!

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