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Vasectomy Complications!

by Don

Hello Mark,

Is it possible to have a Reversible Vasectomy?

What I mean is, if I wind up having post Vasectomy Complications or side effects, can I have surgery to change myself back to normal?

I'm 35, have two kids, and my wife is putting pressure on me to have the surgery, as neither one of us wants to have anymore children.

Thank you!

Vasectomy Complications!

Hi Don,

Why don't you and your wife flip a coin.

If you lose, you get your testicle sack cut open.

If she loses, she has her uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix removed.

That's what a hysterectomy does to a woman.

Sometimes they even remove the upper part of the vagina, and the lymph nodes.

Maybe that will change her tune a bit!


Vasectomy is sterilization, plain and simple!

Do not let anyone talk you into this procedure, ever.

This has to be your decision, and you're decision only, and if you're smart, you'll decide not to do it!


Because of vasectomy side effects and complications.

The rah, rah, vasectomy crowd you'll find all over the net, will tell you that side effects are extremely rare.

Sorry, but I beg to differ!

I get emails in my inbox from men weekly complaining of side effects, including...

Low sex drive, poor erections, depression, sadness, weak ejaculations, etc...

Vasectomy Complications!

Here are a few of the more serious side effects...

  • Post-Vasectomy Pain

  • Autoimmune Reactions

  • Epididymal Blowouts

  • Painful Ejaculation

  • Testicular Fibrosis
And the dark horse of all side effects, that no one seems to be talking about?

Premature Andropause!

The fibrotic scarring, mentioned above, not only affects formation of sperm, it also leads to hormonal disruptions.

In a study out of London, they followed 400 men who had come to a health clinic complaining of fatigue, depression, irritability, erectile dysfunction, night sweats, reduced libido, etc, etc...

All clear signs of andropause.

What they found was, a full 33 percent of the men suffering from these symptoms had gone through vasectomy surgery.

This number is important, because in the general population, only about 5% of all men have had a vasectomy.

A global web survey, done by the Andropause Information Center, found that 35% of the men who completed the Andropause Check List, had gone through a vasectomy procedure.

Surveys done at their clinics in Australia found that a full 45% had undergone a vasectomy.

It's hard to argue with the numbers!

Even if you are one of the lucky ones, who does not experience blatant side effects immediately...

In the long haul, you most likely will!

Do yourself a favor, and think twice before you let doctor man and his scalpel, anywhere near your testicles!

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Jan 11, 2012
Vasectomy and prostatiti
by: julian

i had a vasectomy in sept 08 4 days later i had an infection in the left side. the vasectomy was a brutal one as i watched my knee try to connect with the surgeons head. The pain post op was awful, i was constantly fighting being sick and fainting. In feb 2009 went to see a specialist who diagnosed prostatitis and put me on a coctail of antibiotics for a yr. we had a bet as to whether it was nerve damage or prostatitis. so where did the prostatitis come from. well the vas deferen goes up to the prostate through a canal in over the crotch bone to the prostate so i deduced that the infection traveled up from the infection in the testicle to the prostate via a hole in the prostate end of the vas. As a last resort to find out whether i had prostste cancer i had a biopsy and 12 hours later i was in hospital with blood poisoning in intensive care fo 10 days. the results from the biopsy were not good and had to undergo surgery radical prostatectomy. My prostate when they took it out was 65mm by 55mm due to the infection from the vasectomy. the op took 6 hours and the infection had spread into the pelvic girdle. now in 2012 i am plucking up the courage to go back so we can treat the nerve damage which still has me in so much pain i find it hard to walk far or wear a pair of trousers for to long. i have been told that i am lucky to have caught the cancer in time and have to come to terms with my different life. the prostate cancer never was an issue for me i had no symptoms that told me that i had cancer i was a very sexually active husband. who worked very hard. now im a divorsee unable to work or ever have natural sex again on huge amounts of pain killers and anti deppresants if i was told that this could happen from a vasectomy. due to the location and how naturally dirty it is and how easy it is to get an infection i think it would have easier to have become celebate and taken me vows. yours sincerely julian

Mar 07, 2010
Yes, Don't do it!
by: ToddTheWetSprocket

Finally someone actually does a post about this. I have been suffering for 4 months in agonizing pain from a vasectomy, it was the worst decision of my life. If only I had read this article before getting it done. Damn!

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