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Ejaculation Vasectomy!

by T.M

Ejaculation After Vasectomy!


I expected a drop in Ejaculation Volume after my Vasectomy,, but I wasn't prepared for the severity of the drop off.

I know I'll never get my loads back to my pre- surgery days, but I would like to increase them from where they are now.

Are there any supplements I can take, or methods I could use to increase the size of my ejaculations.

Thank you!

Hello T.M

It's interesting that you've had such a large drop of in ejaculation volume since your vasectomy surgery.

I have my doubts that your smaller loads are strictly due to the surgery.

Here's why...

A typical ejaculation is comprised of approximately 95% seminal fluid, and only 5% sperm.

Since the vasectomy procedure only effects sperm output, you should still be ejaculating 95% of what you were prior to the surgery.

You didn't mention how old you are, but I'd bet that this is more of an age thing.

Most who guys opt for vasectomy surgery are in their their 30's.

This is right when testosterone levels begin to decline in men the most

So, this is most likely a hormonal issue, not a vasectomy issue.

So we'll attack the problem from that angle.

Here are my suggestions...

Begin Cycling Testosterone Boosters

Take the right supplements, cycle them properly, and you'll experience an increase in the size and volume
of your ejaculations.

Tongkat Ali, is particularly effective at increasing the size of your loads.

Supplement with Zinc

Affordable, easy to purchase, and effective, especially in men who are already zinc deficient.

Wear A Ball Zinger Device

Use this device nightly, and you'll experience an increase in ejaculation volume, testosterone and other male androgen's.


Practice edging..

To edge, take yourself to the brink of orgasm, but stop just prior to ejaculation.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you can take it.

I like to think of this as interval training for the testicles.

Work them out, just like you do your muscles, and they'll become stronger, healthier, and more productive.

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Jun 20, 2010
by: Ray

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Jun 20, 2010
Appreciate this page!
by: Simon

I wanna say thank you since I was the one who placed one comment on a different article and this site ( boost your low testosterone) is incredibly helpful to people like. Don't get tired of helping and giving advice to people like me.

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