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Vasectomy Reverse - Vasectomy Reversal Information!

Vasectomy Reverse - Vasectomy Reversal Information!

If you're thinking of having vasectomy surgery, start here before you go any further.

Vasectomy Testosterone and Libido

If you've already had a vasectomy, and are experiencing symptoms such as...

  • Painful ejaculation
  • Sore testicles
  • Decreased libido
  • Pressure in the testicles

Or if you've decided you want your virility back, it may be time for a vasectomy reversal.

Reversal of Vasectomy!

There is a misconception that men stop producing sperm 10 years after a vasectomy is performed. This is completely false.

Successful vasectomy reversals have been done 20, 30, and even 40 years after the initial surgery.

This is why vasectomy pain often occurs 10 or more years after the surgery.

A vasectomy does not stop sperm production, it simply blocks the entry of sperm into the urethra.

No wonder so many men have problems!

A vasectomy reversal is the rejoining of the tubes that were blocked.


In cases where there is no excess pressure build up and no epididymal blow out has occurred, the vas can simply be rejoined.

This is called a vaso-vasostomy.

In cases where there has been an epididymal blow out, ( A rupture of the tubule of the epididymis) the vas must be rejoined with the epididymal tube below the blow out scar.

This procedure is called a vaso-epididymostomy.

Since an epididymal blow out cannot be accurately diagnosed until the time of surgery, it' very important you choose a surgeon who is experienced at both types of procedures.

Vasectomy reversal success rates!

Success rates vary widely depending on the surgeon, the complications of your case, and weather on not you've had an epididymal blow out.

Here are some rough numbers.

In a simple vas procedure, with an experienced surgeon, success rates can be as high as 95%.

In cases where vaso-epididymostomy is required, the success rates are closer to 75%

Pregnancy rates after vasectomy vary widely depending on the age of the female, length of time between the vasectomy and the reversal, and the difficulty of your surgery.

Cost of Vasectomy Reversal!

The cost of this procedure ranges from $4000 all the way up to $20,000.

The average seems to be around 10K, but there are plenty of excellent physicians who will perform this operation for around $7000.

The cost will vary depending on which part of the country you live in.

Just make sure you do your homework, and ask lot's of question.

Check references, and ask specific questions about his succes rates, and years of experience.



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