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Reversing a Failed Vasectomy!

by Bill
Vasectomy? Think twice!

Reversing a Failed Vasectomy!

Dear Mark,

Thank you for this website! I've been looking for it since 1998 after I had a vasectomy.

I've described for a number of urologists the serious side effects of my vasectomy.

My sexual lust diminished. My erection was weaker and of shorter duration. I felt pain during ejaculation. I had problems with urination. I developed granulomas.

Not one of the urologists, with one exception (see below), acknowledged my problems (except for the granulomas) as physiological side-effects of my vasectomy!

When I think about that, when I read stories here on your website and when I remember some general comments on side-effects on medical websites, that indicate serious problems but don't speak them out loud, I think it is a disgrace for medical experts in this area, that these problems are not better acknowledged!

Needless to say, the side effects I experienced had serious negative implications on my quality of life.

Reversing a Failed Vasectomy!

I consulted urologists and explained my view, as a layman, that the logical start for recovery would be to try and undo the harm, i.e. to do a vasectomy reversal.

Back then I didn't know there were hospitals where reversals were done. I had only heard of some pop-star who had had a reversal done for a huge sum of money.

It took me 10 years to find a urologist who thought it was worthwhile to try a reversal! I then did a reversal (of both vas deferens) at Sophiahemmet in Sweden.

I still have the same kind of side effects but they are significantly less severe, and I consider the money I paid for the reversal to be my best investment ever!

Reversing a Failed Vasectomy!

Hi Bill,

You answered a question I receive here all the time.

Is it possible to reverse a vasectomy after 10 years or more?

You're proof that it is definitely possible.

I congratulate you for taking action!

For not giving in, and allowing yourself to suffer the life long side effects of this surgery!

I also want to thank you for sharing your story here, with my site visitors.

Every month, I get emails from people, thanking me for this important information.

Often, they make their way here, days, or even hours before going under the knife.

A story like yours is usually enough to make them think twice about this very important decision.

Thank you!

Reversing a Failed Vasectomy to
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Jan 15, 2012
Say NO to Vasectomy
by: Paul

Hi there, some very interesting reading on this page.
First of all I would like to share my story, I had a vasectomy in 1992 the biggest regret in my life, I was 40 years old and pressured by my wife to have the opp, her excuse was that she wanted no more children, she is 6 years younger than me.
To share with you that so many of the problems that you are telling me I went through, Depression, night sweats, severe pain in the testiciles,loss of erections, sex drive and the loss of the quantity of fluid I will call it that as its no longer sperm lots af antibiotics to help with the infections that I was told were in my head and to get over it, Eleven years later I had a reversal, but it was to late for any repairs work. I went from a lean active machine to an overweight diabetic, also I have high blood presure. I lay the blame totally on the medical profession for not been honest. M advise is don't ever have a vasectomy, to fix one problem you creat a whole lot of others. I am 60 now and still have pain from time to time.

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