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Vasectomies! From Vasectomy to Reversal!

by Cal

I couldn't agree more with some of the comments I've read here about Vasectomy Risks. I had a vasectomy in July 2006.

Prior to the procedure I specifically asked my doctor...

"Was there any risk", to which his reply was "NO".

Oh, how I wish I could turn the clock back!

Within five months my erections and libido went through the floor, and the doctor said I was imagining it / it was all in my head.

Sixteen months after the procedure (against the docs advise) I had a vasectomy reversal.

Immediately the erections started to return.

As for the libido, it been 2 years and 2 months since the reversal, and it is very gradually coming back.

I refuse to take testosterone replacement therapy as I've heard bad stories about that, but I strongly believe that given the chance, the body will always strive to repair itself.

I get very depressed and low sometimes, but I've got to try and be patient.

I will add further comments to this site in about a year or so to keep everyone informed of my progress.

I just hope my comments will be positive.

Hello Cal,

Thank you very much for sharing your story here, I appreciate it!

Your feedback may help others avoid making some of the mistakes you've made in the past.

It took a lot of guts to go back under the knife, and have your vasectomy reversed, but I have a strong feeling that you made the right move.

Keep us in the loop, and let us know how thing work out for you.

Good luck!

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Comments for Vasectomies! From Vasectomy to Reversal!

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Oct 14, 2017
Dont get a vasectomy
by: Anonymous

June 29th got a vasectomy, 2 weeks went by, just recovering and by july 17 I was having stomach pains, fear and depression and panic attacks about life.

5am, sweats and panic, lessening towards the end of the day.

Kaiser does not know, all tests in order.

Test 427, free 49, but their scale is 300 to 1000. No longer interested in anything i used to do pre vasectomy, no spear fishing, no harley riding, fear of doing jobs I had done hundreds of times before.

Got a testosterone test 1.5 months later, total T was 450, free 89, sometimes I feel somewhat better, but really feeling old and fatigued.

Pre vasectomy was happy and enjoying life, thinking of getting a reversal.

Aug 05, 2012
once more, a man's life ruined by vasectomy.
by: thebelgianstallion

the people and doctors are getting aware that they cannot longer lie to themselves,
a year ago , i had a normal even if complicated life.

Chronic pain due to a vasectomy is the worst thing that can happy to a young man aged 24 at the time of vasectomy operation , having a wonderful fullfilling sexual life with a woman he loves. since this day, everything went gray and dark , i cannot kill myself because i have a daughter, this nightmare never ends, it completely fucks your life up entirely, youre not the same person - you're not yourself anymore. and dont expect help, im just a liar, imagination of pain that just cant be there *laughts* i figured it out when it was too late, as many of men should have encountered when the vasectomy went wrong, or maybe just like it would normally do , when you are informed. nothing is worth anything as long as you're doomed with pain you cant handle anymore, nothing in life gives you a smile again, psysical pain endured due to other complications were nothing compared to this. when your sex life hurts, you are submerged with pain burts all day long, wake up 'cuz of balls aching as hell, are afraid to go pee every time, then you know i just cant get worse even loosing a finger. after blood in my sperm , the next level is reached, and im finally about to take my life away if i cant get out of this viscious circle.

i wish all the luck to every single man out there that no complications will occur.

all the best for my brothers living with PVPS for maybe the rest of their lives, due to something you arent able to reverse totally anymore.

Lots of compassion and empathy from Belgium.

L.T. aged 25 and done with life

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a vasectomy 20 years ago and to this day, each and every morning I curse the day t I had the operation.

I've had all sorts of trouble, sex drive is nil, I also had two big hematomas and my testicals where like a donkeys and I was in total agony.

It was found that my sperm was getting into my blood stream witch was driving me crazy, so I will never believe anything a doctor tells me anymore.

The negetive side effect of all this is said to only be in my head. What a load rubbish, my love life is a total wreck doctors see only dollars at the end of the operation, so you men out there be warned… DONT GET A VASECTOMY YOU CUOLD END UP LIKE ME. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MEN OUT THERE……..BEN UK

Sep 08, 2011
DO NOT get a vasectomy
by: Anonymous

I had one last year and I regret. I cannot even kiss my wife as I get pain. I went to get help and it is not working and I hope to have sex one day.

I cant even have sex anymore and hope this doesn't ruin my marriage. I regret it with all my heart and I heard of so many others that have problems that are telling me.

The stats are not real and I am shocked about how misleading it all is. Talk about disaster. I know others who were impregnated after getting one and it is not natural. Please look into it before you get one and use a condom. Beats no sex and the pain and risk of a marraiage failure.

Sad in British Columbia

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