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Andropause After Vasectomy Surgery!

by JP


I had a vasectomy 20 years ago. I have had no major problems but I am now 59 and have been on Testosterone for 6 years.

I have more energy, but my libido is still low, I often need assistance for Erections and semen volume is low.

Am I too old to gain anything by reversing the vasectomy

Any other suggestions?


Andropause After Vasectomy Surgery!

Hello JP,

Yours is a tough case to call.

You're almost 60, and have been on testosterone replacement for 6 years.

That almost surely means you've experienced some degree of testicular atrophy.

Could you bounce back, and get your testicles going again, if you followed the protocols on this site?

Maybe, but...

It would take a gargantuan effort on your part.

Exercise, diet, testosterone supplements, estrogen control, testicle massage, etc, etc...

But then you'd still have the 20 year old vasectomy to deal with.

I get emails all the time that go something like this...

I had a vasectomy years ago, and I've experienced absolutely no side effects whatsoever!.

Well, early andropause is one of the side effects of vasectomy surgery.

These guys are writing to me because they are suffering from andropause symptoms.

Do you see the irony here?

There's a good possibility that you went on testosterone in the first place because of your vasectomy.

It kicked you into male menopause about 10 years ahead of schedule.

Regarding the vasectomy reversal...

I know many have been reversed after 20 years or more, but the success rate decreases as the years begin to pile up.

That being said, if I were you, I'd at least look into it.

Get the opinion of a good doctor, who specializes in vasectomy reversal procedures.

If he gives you the thumbs up, go for it.

If it all works out, get in touch, and we'll talk some more.

Good luck!

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