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Sustain an Erection Post Vasectomy!

by M.

I had a vasectomy at 33 years of age, and within a year I found that I lost my ability to sustain an erection. I spent years figuring it was me.

In the last few years I've heard about more and more men with this problem, so I decided to investigate this. It seems that it is more of a common problem in men with vasectomy's than "Doctors" are willing to accept.

I would like to ask if any other men with vasectomy's have had this problem to please post it.

I have no problem getting an erection, its sustaining it long enough to have fun. I also went through a year or so in the beginning of intense pain during ejaculations.

Sustain an Erection Post Vasectomy!

Hello M,

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Hopefully others will join in the discussion, and help spread the word about this surgery.

Many men suffer side effects after undergoing the procedure, and many deeply regret the decision later.

Need proof?

Just do a search for vasectomy reversal and see how many doctors across the country specialize in this procedure.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Comments for Sustain an Erection Post Vasectomy!

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Oct 12, 2016
Vasectomy reversal
by: Anonymous

CJ, did your husband go ahead with vasectomy reversal?

If yes, I would like to know if it fixed the problem? My husband just had a vasectomy and I noticed he is much softer.

He used to be very hard but now sometimes he just goes soft when inside me.

Sep 05, 2015
Husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago
by: CJ

My husband had a vasectomy a little over 3 years ago and everything seemed fine until about the 2 year mark.

His erections weren't as hard and as soon as he would try to penetrate me he would go soft.

This was frustrating for the both of us. Practically destroyed my self esteem as well as his. I just randomly asked him one day if he had thought about getting a vasectomy reversal (VR) and he said YES!

This was a shocker to me as I had never even considered him getting a reversal and never thought that he would. Thankfully in a couple of weeks he will be getting a VR and hopefully this will help.

It's been a huge test to our marriage of almost 12 years. We both don't mind the thought of having more kids (we have 3). We both agree that he is too young (32) to be dealing with ED or andropause problems.

Plus he seems very uninterested in sex and doesn't get the rock hard random erections. We both regret that we ever messed with what God made perfect.

Aug 07, 2015
Fighting a two front war
by: Anonymous

So, about 3yrs ago, I was the recipient of what the radio ads proclaimed to be a 'no needle...no scalpel vasectomy'.

Up until about 8-10mos. ago, everything has seemed to be fine.

In this time, I've found that, where the desire to 'knock it' is still there...the ability to achieve and maintain an erection to do so is not.

I've read all the posts submitted, but I need to play devil's advocate and initiate a debate on our troubles.

Where everyone has said that they've had a vasectomy and not these woes occurred...what they don't always say is how old they were when A) the procedure occurred and B) when the ED symptoms started occurring.

I just turned 40, but am not ready to break out my pitchfork or torch and claim vasectomies as the root of all evil and to be burned at the stake.

I am open to debate or discussion in the arena of that I am a middle-aged male and testosterone decrease and sub sequential ED issues are a normalcy in men of my age.

Let's not discount these normal declines in our sexual prowess and seek out a 'scapegoat' for something that may be a natural occurrence.

I have not had significant muscle mass loss, nor have become a lard. I still want to 'bang' every night...just that the ol' flagpole leans a bit more South than it did in my younger days.

Looking for a fix and not an excuse.

Jul 06, 2015
Lies about a Vasectomy from the medical world
by: Dwaine

Hello, I had my vasectomy last year and they originally told me there would be no side effects. Um Wrong....

After the surgery I had severe testicle pain for weeks and then my urge to urinate went away. I had to set my timer on my phone to remind me about urinating through-out the day.

My sex drive has gone way down and I can't keep an erection anymore. Before my surgery I could hold an erection for 30-45 min and I was always rock hard.

Now it's like jello.

My girlfriend doesn't enjoy having sex with me anymore since the surgery. I don't blame her.

We are trying to work it out. If anyone has a natural herb I can take to help that would be wonderful.

Im not looking to take any hard meds.

Jul 05, 2014
A wife's perspective
by: Anonymous

My husband had a vasectomy recently.
We have made love 5 times since his procedure.
Each time was terrible.
My husband used to have very strong and long lasting erections. Sex lasted an hour on average. His orgasms were intense, his ejaculate was strong. It would shoot far, there was so much of it, and I loved the way it looked and the odor as wellZ

Now his penis only gets partially erect. He looses his erections as well. Even with a cring he cannot get it half as strong as it used to be. He is experiencing premature ejaculation as well. He cannot wait for me at all, in 10 years this has never happened. His ejaculate is weak, it dribbles out like a leaky faucet and barely anything comes out. The smell is different and it now is just a clump of white.

Everything is different. I used to want to have sex with my husband all day everyday and now I dread it.
It is so different and not enjoyable at all. I hope I gets better i do. I cannot imagine a sexless marriage and not being able to connect with my husband on an intimate level.

We are researching reversals right now.
This was the worst decision he has ever made.

Feb 28, 2014
Lost sex drive after vasectomy
by: Anonymous

I used to masterbate up to 3 times a day but now, 4 months after the op, I can get an erection but orgasming is difficult. My sensitivity had dropped off a cliff face.

May 30, 2013
Lost the connection with women all together
by: Anonymous

There is a connection that men and women enjoy. It is that small feeling men get in their penile area when the look at a woman or talk with a new woman etc. I have totally lost this and it happened right after my vasectomy. I'm 45 years old and enjoyed a great sex life for 25 of them, and now it is ruined. There is something very wrong with this procedure, my wife and I both wish she would have tied the tubes instead. We love each other but sex is no longer a big part of our life. From several times a week to once a month, and it still isn't great. I'm very sad and angry!

Sep 11, 2012
Low T Issues & Vasectomy
by: Not sure

I had a vasectomy about 20 years ago...right after my son was born.

For some years I could not tell a difference..but as I got older, I found that I cared less and less about sex with my wife..or anybody's wife..for that matter.

Pornography became my sex life, for some few years..after a while, like anything else familiarity tends to cause apathy.

I don't really care one way or another...I did, and do, have pain when I ejaculate.

I cant really explain the sensation, but where you should feel elation, I feel pain..which causes a diminished sense of completion and self worth..so is it going to help me if I take testosterone pills?

Hi there,

I can't say for sure if the testosterone boosters will help in your case.

But I can say several men who've had vasectomies do cycle the supplements. And they do experience a boost in sex drive.

What you could do is buy one T-Booster as a test, and try it out. If it delivers, then you can pull the trigger on the rest.

Good luck!

Sep 07, 2012
same issue with hubby
by: Anonymous

My hubby has experienced the same issues. We are approaching the 1 year anniversary and regret we ever did it.

It seems like everyday is getting worse. This week has really got him down. He can't stay hard and he's not come. I feel really bad.

Anyone found ANYTHING that helps??

Nov 29, 2011
Hubby had vasectomy 13 yrs ago
by: Anonymous

After first having a vasectomy my hubbys sex drive went through the roof. I was one happy bunny.

Now 14 years later he can no longer get an erection without taking cialis. But to me .....it,s like making an appt for having sex.

The fun has gone. Luckily we love each other very much. But now we are both on anitdepressents. Please think twice before having a vasectomy!!! I wish we had

May 20, 2011
Sustain an Erection Post Vasectomy!
by: JACK

Same for me. I had vasectomy 5 years ago. before, I was able to sustain an erection for a couple of hours, Now I have trouble keeping going long enough get my wife off.

I never cum anymore and am losing interest. I also notice a loss of sensation in my penis and pain in my left testicle.

Docs say its not the vasectomy but how can so many of us be wrong?

They put me on Cialis which didn't help. If a few thousand people dropped an apple and it went up, they would say Isaac Newton was full of crap.

Nobody wants to listen.

Having the procedure was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Feb 02, 2011
pain in left side!
by: Anonymous

Hi all! im 44 and had a Vasectomy 15 years ago, since operation my sex drive has dwindled and can no longer sustain an erection for a long period. i get pain in my right testacle and have now been advised i should have a op to remove the coil in my testacle as iv now developed a cyst on it, due to vasectomy! anybody out there with any other advice? do not want reverseal!

Nov 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yeah I had the operation about 14 years ago. I don't care what the doctors say it DOES effect your erection. Before the surgery I kept an erection for a really long time. I could keep going for an hour sometimes that's no exaggeration and I also had a big discharge when I got off. Since the operation I am doing good to hold an erection for 15 minutes and I have very little discharge. The discharge thing isn't really important but keeping an erection longer is. Women are harder to reach orgasm so not being able to last makes it less pleasurable for her. Fortunately my wife was never with anyone before me so she has no other comparisons she is happy. I guess I am lucky for that.

Sep 28, 2010
sex drive is in the dust
by: Anonymous

One year after and searching for why my sex drive is in the dust. I was told that would not happen over and over my only question is now is it in my head or a physical problem. My doc gave my pharmaceuticals to help with little to no effect. I have a friend that had one about the same time and he has had no issues. I have had pain, tenderness and almost a complete lose of sexual drive. I need to find a solution as this is becoming a big problem with my wife.

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