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Vasectomy and Erectile Dysfunction!

by Barry M.
(Seattle, WA)

Vasectomy and Erectile Dysfunction!

Hi Mark,

I had Vasectomy surgery 4 years ago, and shortly after my recovery, I began to experience Erectile Dysfunction.

I had never lost an erection while "in the act" before but it started happening to me as soon I started having sex again with my wife.

My erections were not as solid or firm either.

Another side effect was I was having fewer sexual fantasies, and as a result have completely stopped masturbating, which tells me that something is wrong.

Having unprotected sex sounds like a great thing, but it's not so fantastic once you factor in all the other negatives that occur.

I'll admit, the surgery was fairly painless but the surgery itself isn't the problem, it's all the things that happen to you afterwords that count.

A friend of mine is about ready to go under the knife, and I'm trying to talk him out of it.

I've sent him and his wife the link to your site, so we'll see what happens.

Thank you for listening Mark.

Vasectomy and Erectile Dysfunction!

Hello Barry,

I get emails all the time that go something like...

I had a vasectomy done 5 years ago, and have had no problems whatsoever...By the way, I can't seem to get decent erections any longer, what would you recommend?

Self delusion anyone!

I think the issue stems from the fact that vasectomy is a self inflicted wound.

A man's ego won't allow him to admit that erectile dysfunction, testicular pain, low testosterone, sperm granulomas, testicular atrophy, inflammation, or autoimmune issues have occurred.


Because that would be an admission of guilt on his part...In essence, he'd be pointing the finger right back at himself.

Most men can't stomach that type of bitter medicine, but you obviously can.

I respect you for that!

Thank you very much for sharing your story here Barry, I appreciate it.

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