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Vasectomy Failure Rates!

by Gary Holford

Vasectomy Failure Rates!


The first time I had a Vasectomy I only had half of it done, as I had second thoughts half way through.

I literally had to threaten the doctor to stop, as the operation wasn't booked in and was done at the same time a friend had his done.

(This may sound daft but when a doctor encounters rabble like we were- drugged up bikers, he probably sees a different side to his ethics).

The second time round (after my 4th child I asked them to put me to sleep so that the operation would be successful.

I drove home two hours after the operation and found I'd got a hematoma or similar.

My scrotum filled with blood and swelled to 4 times or more its size (like a large coconut) and went a purply black colour.

I had Naproxen as pain relief and anti inflammatory but knew I'd have preferred morphine (they were very very tender).

Within a week I was carrying lead lined doors of around 300lb over small football fields to a client.

My job was delivering fire doors and similar. I was still under considerable pain but had more worries than the pain:

I had begun to have second thoughts and questions were arising as to whether when the glands became dormant - they may die and become cancerous or similar.

I had dreams about having other children and fears of the children I already had- having fatal accidents.

I went through a total nightmare for over 12 months and was angry most of the time because it was self inflicted.

People say that there are no biological effects- I beg to differ!

Vasectomy Failure Rates!

After the first year I became similar to a dog that had been castrated- I became more lethargic and certainly more despondent about life in general.

I became less aggressive (not assumed to be a bad thing but I assure you that in this world aggression is very much needed).

In effect I'd been neutered by myself and had to suffer the consequences- I would not advise any man to have the operation unless it was necessary.

The mentality in my opinion is a major concern because I'd go as far to say a mental disorder occurs.

Vasectomy Failure Rates!

Hi Gary,

I found your, "I felt like a dog that had been castrated" line, very interesting.

Male dogs, who have been neutered, wander less, are less territorial, and are much more passive, compared to their non neutered counterparts.

I'll admit, we're comparing apples to oranges here, but the similarities between neutered dogs, and vasectomized men are a bit frightening.

For a man, a good analogy for wandering less could be...

Spending more time on the couch watching TV, and less time going about the business of living life.

Less territorial could mean, less likely to take decisive action when your children, or woman are in imminent danger.

Passive simply means, listless, unmotivated, quiet, and flat-line in the personality department.

All traits I've heard vasectomized men complain about, many times over the years..

Like you said, "it was self inflicted", which I'm sure, makes your decision to opt for this surgery all the more painful.

All I can do now, is wish you the best of luck, and thank you for telling your story here.

I appreciate it!

Good luck to you!

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