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Vasectomy Sperm!

Vasectomies & Ejaculations!


Vasectomy Sperm! Vasectomies & Ejaculations!

When you undergo a vasectomy, the vas deferens, or tube leading to the testes, is surgically blocked.

This prevents sperm from mixing with your seminal fluid, resulting in sterilization.

You'll still ejaculate after an orgasm, but you'll be firing duds, empties, blanks.

That's the appeal to many men...

Unlimited, wild, unplanned, carefree sex, with no worries about pregnancy, childbirth, or a little junior running around, soiling up the carpet.

It's sounds great at first glance, but like most things, it's not quite so simple.

You see, this blocked up sperm doesn't always just slip quietly into the night.

I know, the party line espoused by the medical profession will tell you otherwise.

Trust me, I've heard their story many, many times.

It goes something like this...

The sperm will still be produced by the testicles, but just like magic, it will all be reabsorbed back into the body, or excreted out as waste.

Even better, there will be no adverse, or negative side effects, whatsoever.

Sounds like a wonderful fantasy, unfortunately, things aren't always so sweet. Many men suffer enlarged testes, testicular pressure, and pain in the testicles.

Also, almost 70% of all men who undergo a vasectomy will have anti sperm antibodies in their system at the one year mark.

Combine the above with painful ejaculations, and potential unilateral epididymal blowouts, or a bursting of the tubes tied during the vasectomy, and the picture isn't quite so pretty.

Vasectomy Sperm!
Vasectomies & Ejaculations!

Here another interesting fact for you....

This isn't even a vasectomy site. We cover men's hormonal health issues, specifically low testosterone levels.

You may be asking yourself, then why does he spend so much time writing about vasectomies?

I'll tell you why...

Because I receive almost as many questions about vasectomy side effects and complications, as I do my main theme, low testosterone.

This is because vasectomy surgery will almost certainly send you into premature male menopause, a decade or so ahead of schedule.

Yup, you'll start suffering from low testosterone levels, and all the bad stuff that comes along with it, way before your time.

This explains why so many men who've undergone this surgery, wind up prowling around this website, looking for help.

They're suffering!

If this describes you, the best advice I can give is, look into a vasectomy reversal procedure.

If a reversal isn't in the cards for you right now, then take a look through the links below.

These methods won't cure you, but they most certainly will help.

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