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Vasectomy Problems!

My partner had a vasectomy 6 months ago and his libido is gone.

This is bothering both of us, will it ever return? Is there anything that we can do to get it back?

Vasectomy Problems


Sorry to hear about your husbands problems.

Contrary to what you read just about everywhere, this surgery does come along with side effects.

How could it not?

The doc cuts open the scrotum and goes to work with his scalpel.

The vas deferens is severed, which prevents the sperm from mixing with seminal fluid.

When a man ejaculates the seminal fluid is released, but the sperm is not.

It's blocked off, dammed, plugged up.

If the body were to stop producing sperm after the vasectomy, it wouldn't be such a nasty proposition.

Unfortunately, it doesn't!

Like a kinked water hose, the sperm accumulates, and the pressure builds.

If the body doesn't absorb the sperm fast enough, a man may experience an epididymal blowout, or a bursting of the tubes that were tied.

Combine that with the inflammatory and autoimmune reactions many men experience, and things can go from bad to worse.

If I were your husband, I'd look into a vasectomy reversal procedure.

If he's relatively young, and the vasectomy was done in the last 5 years or so, his chances of having a successful reversal are relatively high.

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Good luck!

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