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Penile Exercises!

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Penile Exercises!

I'm going talk to you about penis enlargement exercises on this page.

Exercises that will increase the size of your erect penis AND the size of your flaccid hang as well.

A little further down the page, you'll find reviews from men who are actively doing these penile exercises.

First hand testimonials that will give you a very good feel for what to expect once you begin doing these routines yourself.

We'll get to them in just a moment, but first, I want to talk about the two penis enlargement courses I've been recommending on this site.

Exercising the Penis, the course most of us started with.


Penis Advantage, the program I now recommend.

I've been asked numerous times why I've made the switch over to Penis Advantage, and the answer is simple…

Follow Through!

Men who went the Penis Advantage route were MUCH more likely to be doing the exercises a year after buying the program than those who bought Exercising the Penis.

Obviously, there's nothing more important than this, because these programs will do you no good if you don't use them.

Here's why I believe the follow through is so strong with this program

Penis Advantage…

  • Has a live chat forum, where men connect, ask questions, and provide support to each other.
  • Accountability, tracking, and measuring progress are a HUGE part of the program
  • Penis Advantage addresses the premature ejaculation issue most other programs ignore
  • Course offers 24 hour email support 365 days a year from experienced "Personal Trainers"
  • And most importantly…Penis Advantage tells you EXACTLY what to do week by week.

So instead of looking at a book full of exercises, then trying to figure things out yourself, you're told exactly what to do from one week to the next.

Trust me, this is a very important point, because you'll spend more time doing the actual exercises, and less time studying the materials.

Here's the Net - Net bottom line…

Men who purchase and follow a program are MUCH more likely to stick with these penile exercises over the long run.

Of the two courses we've been using, Penis Advantage has taken this follow through a step further…for the reasons listed above.

But, I do need to warn you…

Enlarging your penis takes commitment, work, and effort on your part. If you're not willing to commit the time, then don't waste your money.

If you do have the motivation, and are willing to put in the time, then I highly recommend you take a look at the Penis Advantage program.

And once again…please do take the time to update me on your progress if you decide to get started.

I'm especially interested in hearing from you at the 12 month mark, with answers to the following questions..

  • When do you perform your routines…morning, midday, or night
  • Do you do your routines in the shower, in bed, or someplace else
  • How many days a week do you do penis enlargement exercises
  • Does your wife or girlfriend know what you're doing
  • How long did it take you to start noticing gains

If you're wondering about the answers to these questions, here's what I've been able to gather so far…

Men most likely to still be going strong after 12 months…

-Do the exercises in a warm shower

-Do these exercises in the early evenings (mornings on the weekends)

-Perform the routines twice during the week, and once on weekends

-Started noticing moderate gains within the first 2 weeks

-Disclosed everything to the wife or girlfriend..

Finally, here's one last tip for you…

Men who got their wife or girlfriend involved in these routines were MUCH more likely to still be at it 12 months after getting started.

The take home message???

Do whatever it takes to get your woman on board!

Jump to the Penis Advantage Program

Penile Exercise!

penile exercises

Here's our earlier review of the Exercising the Penis program for those still interested...

Jelqing, and other forms of Penis Enlargement have proven to increase testosterone levels and other male hormones in the body.

That's why I'm 100% for them.


A thick, full, and heavy penis is a sign of male power and virility.

It's as much mental as it is physical.

Just thinking about your penis increases circulating testosterone.


When you do more than just think, when you fall into a routine where you are actively working on penis stretching, for greater length, girth, and thickness, you'll accomplish several things...

Increased Sex Drive

Bigger Ejaculations

Stronger, Harder, Erections

A Thicker, Fuller, Heavier Penis

Penile Exercises!!

I've learned a very interesting fact from my site visitors over the last several months.

Penis enlargement is not that difficult.

I've always assumed it took years and years of hard work before you experienced any gains, if you experienced any at all.

But time and again, my visitors have told me otherwise.

Here are a couple of unsolicited emails I've received from men who are currently performing penile exercises on a regular basis.

Penile Exercises! User Reviews!

exercising the penis

I spent hours and hours on the Internet researching information on penile exercises.

It turned out to be an exercise in frustration due to widely varying opinions, incomplete explanations, or downright inaccurate information coming from the supposed experts in the field.

Finding Exercising the Penis turned out to be a total godsend!

All of the information I needed in one book, that is well researched, well written, and easy to understand.

Here's what I like about this product.

The information is very simple and easy to follow.

It's not dry and boring, and full of technical jargon. It's actually a very interesting read.

The creator is not constantly trying to up sell you on more expensive products. (I really hate it when they do that)

The penile exercises are easy to do, and don't take forever to complete.

As a matter of fact, Aaron makes the point that most men exercise too much, which can be counter productive.

This program really works!

In 42 days, I've increased my length by almost half an inch, and my penis feels much thicker and heavier in my hand.

I really can't say enough about this product.

If you're looking for the final word on penis enlargement, this is it!

Jason R.
Evansville IN

Penile Exercises! User Reviews!

I've been interested in penis enlargement for quite some time. I had some success increasing the size of my penis in the past, but always knew that I could be doing much better.

Out of frustration, I bought Exercising the Penis, and began following the routines.

So far, this book has helped me tremendously!

In the past I was very inconsistent. I'd start up and go real strong for a while, and then quit.

I've done this as least 4 or 5 times over the last several years.

Now that I'm following the routines in the book, I've had no troubles staying on track.

There's something to be said for instruction. It's a lot easier to stay on course when someone is telling you exactly what to do.

Another problem I had in the past was, I was trying way too hard. The point the author makes over and over again is, do not over train!

These exercises don't take that long to complete! Do them, move on, and give your tissue time to recover and rebuild.

This simple idea has helped me tremendously. I allow myself plenty of time to recover after weight training, so why not do the same thing while training my penis.

The beauty of all this is I'm spending way less time exercising than I did in the past, and I'm seeing much better results.

I don't have numbers for you, because I don't spend a lot of time measuring myself, but I'll try to describe some of the changes I've seen so far.

When I go to a urinal and take it out, it hangs quite a bit lower than it did 4 months ago. The part that changed the quickest for me was my flaccid size.

It's very noticeable.

The best way to describe it is to give you an example. Think about how your penis looks a few minutes after an orgasm. It goes down in size, but it's still bigger than normal, and the head remains swollen.

That's the best I can do to describe the state of my flaccid penis now.

Unless I'm real cold, it never gets to that tiny shriveled up state anymore, which is nice.

When erect, it definitely looks longer, but I see the biggest change in the thickness. My girth has increased to the point where I can't wrap my thumb and ring finger around it anymore. Something I could easily do 4 months ago.

To say that I'm pleased with the results so far would be a huge understatement.

If you're on the fence about this book, I'd say go for it!

Richard J.
Glendale CA

Exercising The Penis






Penile Exercises to SCROTUM STRETCHING





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