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Poor Erections, Weak Testicles After Masturbation!

by Greg

Poor Erections, Weak Testicles After Masturbation!

Hello Mark,

I have had really good success with the testosterone boosters maca, horny goat weed and Passion RX.

They all seem to make my penis and testicles hang lower and feel fuller.

Now sometimes my penis and testicles shrink and this will usually happen after I masturbate.

I don't masturbate often, maybe only twice a week, but even still, I feel like it makes me smaller and more impotent.

And I hate the feeling of not being able to get an erection.

What do you feel helps you recover from masturbation the best?

I know I should just stop completely, but even though I want to, I still give in.

I feel sometimes like I'm too rough and my penis gets kind of injured for a few days, and my erectile quality is terrible or non existent for a little while.

What do you suggest I do?

Poor Erections, Weak Testicles After Masturbation!

Hi Greg,

I suggest you stop feeling guilty about getting off occasionally.

To stop having any type of sex entirely, would take a will of gargantuan proportions.

It would be a miserable way to live as well!

I understand the lows that can follow an ejaculation, especially early on, but you need to keep something in mind...

As your situation improves, the lows won't be so low, nor will they last so long.

You're responding well to the herbal testosterone supplements, so you need to take steps build off that.

Pack muscle on your body, eat a high quality diet, get out in the sun, and keep estrogen levels in check.

To bounce back after you ejaculate, try the following....

Penile Exercises!

Penile exercises, such as jelqing, boost hormone levels, and lead to heavier and fuller genitals.

After a session, your flaccid hang will be larger, and your testicles bigger.

Remember, anytime you put your focus on your package, and resist the urge to ejaculate, your situation will improve.


Once again, edging places an emphasis on the penis, without release or ejaculation.

An intense edging session will lead to an immediate increase in sperm production and sexual tension, that will speed your recovery after an ejaculation.


Do what I do....

Ejaculate on chill days, when you don't have much going on, and don't worry too much about it.

Good luck!

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Poor Erections Weak Testicles After Masturbation
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