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Penis Shrinking! Penile Atrophy!

by Jason

Penis Shrinking! Penile Atrophy!

Is it possible for the Penis to atrophy in the same way that the testicles do?

I know for a fact that my testicles have become smaller, but now I'm afraid my penis has too.

Here's my deal. I turned 30 two years ago, got a real job, stopped exercising, and gained around 20
pounds of fat.

This is when everything started to change for me.

I have low sex drive, fatigue, and the problems with my genitals I just spoke about.

I'm not as muscular as I was either, because I stopped exercising.

Anyway, my main question is, can the penis shrink due to low testosterone, high estrogen, or for any
other reason?

Thank you.

Penis Shrinking! Penile Atrophy!

Hi Jason,

Your problem isn't atrophy, as the penis doesn't permanently shrink in size.

I can guarantee you, if you we're to take a sex booster like yohimbe right now,


Wait for a while, and let it kick in, you could work up an erection reminiscent of the old days.

Same size, same thickness, same everything.

Your problem most likely stems from the following...

Belly Fat!

Excess body fat protrudes from your lower belly, overlapping your penis somewhat, which makes it look smaller.

For proof, think back to your high school locker room days.

The fat guys typically had big bellies, with tiny little, inverted penises.


When testosterone drops down into the basement, the erections disappear.

In the old days, simply drying your boys off after a shower could bring on the wood.

Now, a pack of playboy bunnies could take over the drying duties, and you'd still have a hard time getting it up.

Due to your recent 20 pound weight gain, I'd also wager that your estrogen levels are elevated.

Low T, combined with high estrogen leads to testicular shrinkage, and a flaccid, soft, unresponsive penis.

Penis Shrinking! Penile Atrophy!

Yours is a common story Jason.

The transition from youthful, energetic, and active, to older, sedentary and gainfully employed, causes problems in a lot of men.

Your commute to work exposes you to estrogenic exhaust, and diesel fumes on a daily basis.

Instead of spending time outdoors in the sun, you spend your days indoors, under cheap fluorescent lights.

In this environment, your exposure to estrogenic compounds skyrockets...

Toner, inks, dyes, paints, and cleaning supplies used by the janitorial staff.

Sadly, the modern day office building isn't constructed with the worker in mind.

If it was, you would have access to sunlight, and a window that actually opens.

Instead, you get to spend 8 hours a day sucking fumes out of the stagnate air inside your building.

Combine all this with lack of exercise, and 50 minute lunch breaks at nearest fast food restaurant, and it's no big surprise that you're suffering.

It's going to take some work on your part to get back to normal.

Fortunately, you're still young.

Go after the recommendation below, aggressively, and you'll get your stuff back in no time.

Supplement with Testosterone Boosters

Reduce Your Estrogen Load

Build Muscle-Burn Body Fat

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Penis Shrinking Penile Atrophy to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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