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Flaccid Penis, Testicle Shrinkage & No Morning Wood

by CJ

Flaccid Penis, Testicle Shrinkage & No Morning Wood

Hey Mark,

I just turned 25 and all my problems started at the end of May of this year, when I couldn't get an erection with my new girlfriend.

Prior, I noticed how my libido disappeared and my penis turned flaccid and shrunk up.

I also had a lack of sensation when I did get an erection

I tried all summer to figure out what was going on. Went to numerous doctors to get told it was all in my head.

Even with symptoms of loss of libido, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, fatigue, shrunken flaccid penis, testicle shrinkage, and no morning wood.

4 months later I get blood work done for estradiol, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone, etc.

Estradiol 55pg (13-54)
FSH 3.5 (1.6-8.0)
LH 6.3 (1.5-9.3)
Free T3 1.27 (0.93-1.70)
TSH 0.67 (0.27-4.20)
Prolactin 5.2 (2.0-18.0)
Free Testosterone 117.2 pg (35.0-155.0)
% Free Testosterone 2.47 % (1.5-2.2)
Total test 475 (250 - 1100)

Now I found a naturopathic doctor to help me get to the bottom of this with supplements and I just started taking Dim to bring the estrogen down.

Is all this caused by excess estrogen? I just want my penis and life back. Everything was going well until this 4 months of hell.

I'm still in a shrunken state.

Flaccid Penis, Testicle Shrinkage & No Morning Wood

Hello CJ,

Your estrogen levels are over the reference range, and that looks to be your main problem.


Excess E kills sex drive, softens erections, and shrinks the testicles.

Once you get your levels down into the 20 range, I guarantee you, you're going to feel like a new man.

Full of sex drive, energy, and muscle mass...

Able to achieve an erection at the drop of a hat, just like any other normal 25 year old.

You also need to bump up your total Testosterone a bit, but that should happen by default as your estrogen levels begin to decline.

The bottom line?

If you've found a good naturopathic doctor, you're in good hands!


Because naturopaths heal, they don't medicate!

Just make sure that you cycle the supplements your doctor recommends.

If your doc is not up to speed on cycling, make it a point to refer him or her to this website.

Good luck!

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Flaccid Penis, Testicle Shrinkage & No Morning Wood
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Sep 23, 2014
Testicular shrinkage from Saw Palmetto
by: sp2000

I used saw palmetto for 5 months for my hairloss and now regret. I have shrunken and cold testes and a small penis. It all happened first slowly then suddenly in the last one week. When I stopped SP I even got worse. Now after 5 years I have no libido, no errections. Also I have fat on my belly, joint pain, sleep problem, and depression

Oct 18, 2010
by: CJ

when estrogen is in the right range will that bring my testicles back up to size and etc. will my flaccid penis also hang normal again.

Oct 15, 2010
Cycle ???
by: Anonymous

thank you so much mark you put my worries at ease,I thought I had nerve damage or injured my penis. but my question the supplements my ND have me taking are for my endocrine system, adrenals and hypothalamus. she said she gonna start at the endocrine system first to make sure everything is running optimum and work from there . its been about a week and half since I been taking these whole food supplements and about 5 days since I been taking DIM. should I still cycle my supplements.
here are the supplements
symplex m

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