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Skinny Penis!
How Big Should My Penis Be?

by Ruben

Skinny Penis! How Big Should My Penis Be?

Hello Mark,

My penis is very thin.

I've never measured it, but from images of I've seen of others, I can tell I'm way down on the low side.

Do you know what an average penis thickness is?

Also, is there anything I can do to increase the thickness that doesn't involve surgery.

I'm 61, but have a renewed interest in sex for the first time since the death of my wife.

I have a girlfriend who's 8 years younger than me, so I need to get my act together ASAP!.

Thank you!

Skinny Penis! How Big Should My Penis Be?

Hi Ruben,

Way to go!

At 61, when most men are slowly winding down, you're out there lighting it up!

A younger woman is a good thing for you right now.

So is your obsession with your penis!

Most older guys forget they even have one at your age, and that's a big mistake.

The more I speak with older men, the more I've become convinced that penile exercises are vital the older you get.

For one, jelqing, (a penile exercise), increases testosterone levels.

These exercises also increase the size of your flaccid hang, and add thickness, and length to your penis.

So, instead of walking around with a shriveled up, under used, flaccid penis, you get thicker, longer, and harder.

That's a good thing!

Skinny Penis! How Big Should My Penis Be?

The average penis girth is about 4.85 inches.

The average penis length, is right around 5.9 inches.

Of course, these are averages, and the numbers can vary widely from individual to individual.

You asked if it was possible to increase the thickness of your penis.

My answer to you, is absolutely!

I'm not an expert on penis enlargement, but Aaron Kemmer, author of Exercising the Penis is.

Around 75 of my site visitors have used his program, and so far, the feedback has been almost 100% positive.

I say almost, because one guy out of the 75 has taken him up on his 60 money back guarantee.

This statistic pretty much speaks for itself!

If you're this guy, I'd still like to hear from you!

Anyway, this program goes way beyond just jelqing.

It offers many things, including advanced techniques on adding thickness and girth to your penis.

According to Aaron...

In a survey of nearly 1000 men who used penis exercises for three or more months, the average increase in girth was .5 inches.

I do have to tell you this though.

To experience these types of gains, you have to work at it, and be very consistent.

Not hours and hours a day, but you do need to lay out a regular routine, and stick with it.

If you don't, you'll just be wasting your money.


I've had several site visitors send me details of their experiences with this product.

You can read some of their reviews by following the link below.

Penile Exercises

Skinny Penis How Big Should My Penis Be to
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