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Jelqing Testosterone and Dopamine

by Mark Wilson

I get a lot of grief for my jelqing recommendations…

But I have a damn good reason for pushing this

I'll demonstrate with a couple of examples:

First, lets take a guy who can't keep his hands off

We'll say he's a four times a week self ejaculator…

And he gets off to extreme, over the top hardcore
images on his computer.

So it's just him and his right hand….

And lot's of mindless self gratification.

Gratification that atrophies his testicles. Saturates
his dopamine receptors….

Lowers his testosterone.

And since his brain has become addicted to these
graphic images…

He has a hard time getting it up on that rare occasion
when he does find a real girl.

Because she can't compete with the dopamine rush
brought on by his online material…

So he goes into these sessions with no real wood
to speak of….

And often has a hard time ejaculating.

Doesn't sound so gratifying when you put it that
way, does it?

Now lets compare him to a 4 times a week jelqer.

A man who saves his ejaculations for one thing…


So he doesn't ever blow the force for no good reason…

Because he knows that an ejaculation should never
be wasted.

They're much too valuable for that.

So he saves them up….

Then plans for his next engagement in the bedroom.

With a real person.

This activity gives him a shot of dopamine too, just like
our self ejaculator….

But not so much that he down-regulates his dopamine

So when the time comes, he's going to be more than

And while he's waiting for the fun to start he exercises
his tool.

Just like he would Any Other Body Part.

But this exercise is actually a treat….

A substitute for solo time that gives him none of
the negatives. All of the benefits…

And a tool the will cooperate when he needs it
the most.

And remember…

This has nothing to do with enlargement - although
that is a pleasant side effect.

This is about Behavior Modification.

Modification that will increase your masculinity.

And your ability to perform at a high level in the

Which is the exact opposite of what excessive
solo time will do.

Now who could argue with that?


P.S. This is a newer product that offers one on one coaching.

I've been hearing good things about these guys.

And their product is less expensive than the one
I've been using.

If you click over make sure you read the Chartham
Study details on the testimonials page.

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