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5 Inch Fully Erect Penis & Shrunken Testicles, Help!

by Johnny

5 Inch Fully Erect Penis & Shrunken Testicles, Help!

Hello Mark,

I am a 42 year old male. I have had a full hormone evaluation and my levels are deemed as normal.

However, I never developed properly as a Teenager.

I tried to get help from a Urologist and he told me that I was just a late developer and for me to 'grow up!

He was very unkind.

Recently, I have seen various UK Endocrinologists.

My current hormone levels are also deemed as normal.

I have a small flaccid penis (3"), a small erection (5") and a normal facial hair pattern.

However the facial hair is just very fine 'Peach Fuzz' that only grows to a few millimetres.

I have thought about a traction device for my penis and Minoxidil cream for my facial hair.

After finding you on Google, I thought I would ask for your advice.

My Scrotum spends most of it's time within my body and my Testes do appear to have shrank!?

As my Hormone levels are normal, nobody will give me controlled amounts of Testosterone.

I have looked at Tongkat Ali and ZMA today.

I read that you are a busy man, but if you could afford me some time and your opinion (via your considerable experience), if and when you are able.

Thank you for time Mark,

5 Inch Fully Erect Penis & Shrunken Testicles, Help!

Hello Johnny,

If I were you I'd forget about the facial hair, and just go for the clean shaved look.


Because I think you'll get much more bang for your buck if place your priorities elsewhere.

Elsewhere as in the testicles hanging between your legs.

You need to bring your boys back to life, if you want to hang onto to your vitality as you head toward your 50's.

You've heard the phrase, over the hill right?

Well, at 40 you reach the crest of that hill, but at 50 you begin the descension down the other side.

The key for any man is to put the foot on the brakes, in order to slow this trip down.

5 Inch Fully Erect Penis & Shrunken Testicles, Help!

If I were in your shoes, here's exactly what I'd do to turn my situation around.Finally...

I have to admit, I wouldn't be happy with a 5 inch erect penis either.

Fortunately, your situation is entirely reversible.


Penis Enlargement Exercises!

Yup, penis enlargement is not some pie in the sky dream, it's a reality,

  • You're extremely consistent

  • You put in the time necessary

  • You use the proper technique

5 Inch Fully Erect Penis &
Shrunken Testicles Help to Low T-Home

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Apr 08, 2011
I've been there!
by: Anonymous

Hi Johnny,

I've been in your exact situation. I kind of guessed it was due to low T-levels but really didn't know what to do about it until I saw this site.

I have been cycling as Mark suggests - see below for what I use. It's been about a year and I've noticed that things have moved on significantly, although not completely yet.

I'm in the UK too and got all of these on the internet from UK suppliers.

Tongkat Ali & Tribulus Terrestis
Horny Goat Weed
Catuaba Bark
Mucuna Pruriens
Rhodiola Rosea Root
Shilajit Extract
Ginseng & Gingko Biloba

It's a lot of stuff and it costs money but it's worth it.

The benefits I've had are:

testicles have gone from being up to hanging most of the time
testicles have increased in size - doubled but not full 'adult' size yet
penis - flacid length has increased about an inch
penis - flacid girth has increased about an 2 inches
penis - erect length has increased about half an inch
penis - erect girth has increased about an inch
erections are now solid rather than semi hard
ejaculations are now at least a couple of tea spoons, usually more
and finally I can last a lot longer too!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not 'cured' yet but I've seen some amazing results in the last 12 months or so. I'm hoping I can keep progressing further.

I have a ball zinger too but the rubber tubing has broken and I can't find any at certain DIY stores. When I did use it I use to have some very strong erections in the mornings wearing it. Also my balls felt big most of the time, they always hung low and my ejaculation volume was massive.

Any UK readers know where I can buy the right size tubing?

Johnny stick with it, you'll get there in the end - like I will hopefully.

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