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Edging, Semen Production, & My Hormone Numbers!

by Alex

Edging, Semen Production, & My Hormone Numbers!

I am 19 years old, and I wrote you a couple of weeks ago about my testicular atrophy and loss of sex drive.

You recommended that I get my estrogen level checked, which I did.

It came out at around 32, and my testosterone was around 480. The doctor said these were good numbers.

Since both doctors I visited are not keen at all on doing anything about my hormonal levels, I decided I would try out some of the stuff you recommend on your site.

I experimented with edging, which gave me a HUGE hormonal boost the first day. I felt like a man again after all this time.

The fact that edging had such a massive positive effect encouraged me and affirmed my belief that this IS a hormonal problem.

However, the effect of edging is eliminated as soon as I ejaculate. After that, I feel very depressed again.

I just ordered the Ball Zinger, and I hope it does the trick...

I might look into Tongkat ali if this goes in the right direction.

Will I have to wear a ball zinger/take Tongkat Ali all my life if I want to enjoy their effects?

Thanks in advance.


Edging, Semen Production, & My Hormone Numbers!

Hi Alex,

You don't need testosterone boosters at your age.

You haven't been around long enough to do serious damage to yourself yet.

More on this later, but let's talk about your numbers for a moment.

Your estrogen level of 32, isn't too bad, you're sort of in a grey zone right now.

Stay your current course, and you'll begin the slow slide toward 40 or even higher.

Once that happens, everything will begin to change for you.

Breast enlargement, prostate growth, feminine fat distribution, etc, etc...

To avoid all this, you need to shoot for an estrogen level closer to 20 than 30.

This won't be too tough to do, because your numbers aren't too far out of line yet.

Limit exposure to household cleaning products, colognes, perfumes, dyes, paints, exhaust fumes, and other chemicals.

Also, eliminate estrogen promoting foods like soy, hops, beer, grapefruit, licorice, and alcohol in excess.

Then, consume cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower, a few times a week, and that's it.

Follow the steps outlined above, and you'll be deep down in the 20's in a matter of weeks.

Edging, Semen Production, & My Hormone Numbers!

Regarding your testosterone levels, I have to strongly disagree with your doctor.

Your level of 480 is not normal, at least for a 19 year old.

You do fall within the reference range, but those statistics are compiled from a group that includes the old, the infirm, and the terminally ill.

Normal for you is closer to 800!

To get there, continue to edge, but limit ejaculations to once or twice a week.

Maintain your lean, muscular body, in order to limit conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Follow a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Get plenty of sunshine, in order to maximize your Vitamin D levels.

Exercise is short, intense, spurts, which will maximize growth hormone production.

If you do want to take a supplement, the only one I'd recommend for you right now is ZMA


If all this doesn't do the trick, consider adding a penile exercises to your weekly routine.

Jelqing boosts testosterone levels, increases semen production, and best of all, it's completely natural.

And, natural, in my opinion, is all you need at this stage of your life.

Good luck!

Edging Semen Production & My Hormone Numbers to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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