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Alpha Male Body Language!

Alpha Male Body Language

Alpha Male Body Language!
Nonverbal Communication and Status Among Men

Alpha males and people in powerful positions typically have higher testosterone levels than lower status men.

All you have to do is watch an alpha male enter a room sometime to see this testosterone in action. The loud voice, the upright posture, direct eye contact, and all those power positions prominently on display for all to see.

For those unfamiliar, power positions are forms of body language that symbolize status, power, and personal authority. The classic feet set wide apart, hands on hips look would be one example...hands clasped behind the head, feet kicked up on a desk would be another.


I've known for a long time that ANY man can put these traits on display in a social situation, and completely change the hierarchy in a room.

In other words a janitor could walk into a party full of complete strangers and out posture the CEO of a Multinational Corporation if he had the right skills.

But what would be the point of all this, you ask?

For the testosterone, of course!

Researchers from Harvard and Columbia recently ran a study that looked into this alpha male body language - testosterone connection.

In this experiment, they took ordinary people and strategically placed them into postures associated with high status and personal authority.

Hormone testing before and after this posing confirmed that the simple act of moving into these power positions caused stress hormones to decline, and testosterone levels to go up.

You've gotta love that, right?

John Cloud sure did! John is a senior health and science writer for Time Magazine, who actually went into the lab himself to investigate these claims. Upon arrival, the scientists tested his testosterone levels, had him strike a pose, then re-tested him once again.

And the result?

John-boys testosterone levels doubled in a mere 15 minutes.

Pretty impressive stuff, huh?


Scientists have even given this phenomenon a name..."The Effects of Embodiment".

Translated for us mere humans to mean, your body language can actually impact cell function in your system...even those leydig cells in your testicles that produce your testosterone.

The research above tells us several very interesting things, but the most important is this...

Posture and Body Language Definitely DO Matter!

So let's keep all this in mind and talk about how you can use this information to impact testosterone production in your body.

Alpha Male Body Language! Nonverbal
Communication & Testosterone in Men

Let me ask you this...have you developed the habit of fading into the background, leaning quietly against the back wall, looking down at the floor, or avoiding eye contact with other people?

If so, I think we both know that you need a change in behavior. From here on out you need to display some power and authority to get your hormonal juices flowing again.

And not just at parties or big social functions, but in your everyday life as well...at work, at home, at the grocery store, or wherever you happen to be.

Do this now for your own personal happiness and well being...make it a high priority to always present yourself with power and authority, and your body WILL respond with the male hormones you want and need.

Here are some suggestions for you as you get started...

Take Up Plenty of Real Estate:


Power positions are typically big in size....feet set apart, body spread wide open.

Create an imaginary circle around yourself, and occupy that entire space with your feet, hands, and body. Control your zone at all times with hand gestures, movement, and presence.

When another male moves too far into your zone, step in toward him with steady eye contact to move him back outside of your space.

Maintain this wide physical presence at all times when you're around other people.

Open Up Your Posture:

When you open up in the presence of another male, and place your hands on your hips, with legs spread wide apart, leaving your Testicles completely vulnerable, you're making a huge subconscious statement.

A statement that says, I'm powerful enough that I have ZERO concern for my physical safety in your presence. I'm not intimidated by you in the slightest, and my testicles are sitting right here in the open to prove it to you.

Conversely, when you retract, close up, cross your legs like a women, and hug your shoulders with both arms, you're displaying weakness, fear, and uncertainty.

Lose this behavior permanently, and operate with an open and confident stance from here on out, and you'll reap some extremely powerful hormonal rewards.

Develop Eye Contact Skills:

alpha male staring

Always maintain steady and consistent eye contact when conversing with other people.

Nothing says authority more than a confidently held, attentive gaze. Meet others eyes in a relaxed, self confident manner to confirm status, in your mind, and in the mind of other people.

Remain Standing:

In a bar or at a party, when everyone else sits down, stay up and mobile.

Others will have to look up to speak to you, and the fatigue that always accompanies time spent on the seat of your pants will be kept at bay as well.

You can use this energy to work the room and put your confidence, personal power, and authority on display for all to see.

Shut Down Inappropriate Behavior:
alpha male behavior

This would include that condescending hand on the shoulder, you go ahead and walk through the door first little buddy, type of behavior many men display.

When this happens, step back and ignore his physical cue or push him through the door ahead of you first. Always remember, male hormones are at stake here...grab your share and never let another man take a slice of your pie.

Other examples of inappropriate behavior include...excessive joking at your expense , flirting with your woman a bit too much, or interrupting you while you speak.

If any of the above occur in excess, call the man on his behavior in private, in a confident even tone, then drop the matter entirely.

Trust me, he'll get your point, and the bad behavior will stop instantly.

Alpha Male Body Language! Nonverbal
Communication & Testosterone in Men

Let's wrap up here with a few closing thoughts...

It's easy to get stuck on the obvious things like using Testosterone Boosters, limiting use of drugs and alcohol, or avoiding obesity, but the not so obvious stuff can be just as important.

The way you present yourself to the world falls directly into this category.

It's not the first thing you think of when contemplating confidence and male hormone production, but it can definitely be one of the most powerful.

Especially once you begin to develop, and use these alpha male body language skills on a daily basis.

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