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Bisphenol A Dangers!

How to Avoid BPA Exposure

Bisphenol A Dangers

Bisphenol A Dangers!

We've been talking about the chemical BPA, and the nasty things it does to a mans body for years.

For those in need of a refresher on why you NEED to avoid this toxic agent, here are a few reminders…

Asian males exposed to BPA in the workplace suffer from astounding levels of erectile dysfunction.

One study found a massive 400 percent increase in erectile problems compared to men not exposed.

Science has also proven that excessive exposure can lead to the the following serious conditions…

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Morbid obesity
  • Breast Cancer
  • Low sperm count
  • Sperm defects
  • Genital deformity
  • Reversal of normal sex differences

This last point may sound a little nebulous, but it's extremely important.

Sex differences can be described as biological or physiological characteristics, that differentiate men from women, or boys from girls.

In one study, typical male and female mouse behavior was reversed, simply by exposing the animals to low levels of BPA during adolescence.

In other words, when it came to memory, anxiety and exploratory behaviors, the male mice acted more like girls than boys after LOW level exposure.

They were more fearful and less willing to take risks, and acted in ways which the researches described as displaying female like behavior.

According to the researchers…

After the exposures, female mice exhibited less anxious behavior – they spent more time in the open – while male mice exhibited more anxious like behavior – they spent less time in the open.

The males also suffered from reduced body weight and lost that profoundly masculine trait…"Spacial Memory", AKA the ability to navigate and remember unfamiliar surrounding.

Once more…according to the researchers…

The ability of male mice to find the platform was impaired and resulted in a female-like performance on this task. Treatments reversed the difference in anxiety-like behavior, resulting in more anxious activity in males and less anxious activity in females.

This study really has to make you wonder….

Is it possible that your social anxiety, timid behavior, or unwillingness to take risk is linked to your BPA status?

Since we know for a fact that the vast majority of us men do have detectable levels of Bisphenol A in our systems right now, I have to say this seems VERY likely

Let's continue on to our next study…

In this trial, out of the University of Missouri, Bisphenol A was given to pregnant mice, to see how the chemical affected the male offspring.

The researchers found that…

Bisphenol A significantly decreased efficiency of sperm production by 20% relative to control males.

And once again, this was after low levels of exposure.

A study published in JAMA found that elevated urinary BPA status in humans leads to increased cardiovascular and diabetes risk, and clinically abnormal concentrations of the liver enzymes.

Compelling evidence that this Bisphenol A Danger isn't just for lab rats and mice, because this study looked at 1455 adult human beings….aged 18 to 74.

In our final study, Scientists out of the Tufts University School of Medicine found that…

Perinatal exposure to environmentally relevant BPA doses results in functional alterations of the male and female genital tract that may predispose the tissue to earlier onset of disease, reduced fertility and prostate cancer.

According to these same researchers…

The estrogen-mimic bisphenol-A is used as a MODEL AGENT for endocrine disruption.

Used as a model agent for endocrine disruption???

Pretty scary when you consider the fact that a whopping 93 percent of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their urine.

The French had the intelligence to ban this substance, and the Japanese canning industry has stopped using BPA resin in canned good liners.

But the news isn't so good here in the US, where BPA can be found in product packaging on every aisle in your local grocery store.

Let's talk about what steps you need to take to avoid excessive exposure, starting now...

Bisphenol A Dangers!
How to Avoid BPA Exposure

The smartest thing you can do is cook your own food, from real, whole ingredients.

In other words, your chicken soup should come from a real bird, and real fresh vegetables you buy at the grocery store.

Not from a can lined with BPA, loaded with MSG, excess sodium, artificial colors, soy bean oil, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

If you drink canned beverages, drop the habit, and switch to beverages packaged in glass bottles.

Polycarbonates plastics also contain BPA, so you need to take steps to avoid these as well.

Polycarbonates are easy to spot because they're typically rigid and transparent in nature.

If the letters PC are stamped on the product, you've got a polycarbonate on your hands.

Plastics with the recycling label #7 are often, but not always polycarbonates.

If you want to play it safe, just assume you've got a BPA container whenever you see the recycling label #7 on a plastic product.

That's been my plan for the last two years, and I rarely find myself inconvenienced when I follow this rule.


Metal water bottles may seem like a safe alternative to plastic, but they are usually lined with a plastic coating that contains BPA as well.

BPA can also be found in the tiny Microplastics that are finding their way into our food supply.

So you need to look for foods and products clearly labeled as BPA free.

Trust me, if a company went to the effort to produce a product without BPA, they are definitely going to tell you about it.

So keep your eyes open for that BPA free label.


After you hand over your cash for that BPA free product, make it a point to quickly throw your thermal paper receipt into the trash can.


Because that fine powered coating that rubs off onto your fingertips is loaded with….You Guessed It…Bisphenol A!

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