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Male Hormone Cycle!
Hormone Fluctuations in Men


Male Hormone Cycle! Hormone Fluctuations in Men!

Have you ever noticed how quickly your testicles can shrink in size?

One day they're full and heavy, and the next they've shriveled up like a grape that's been chilling in the fridge too long.

If you're wondering why this happens, let me fill you in…

Hormone fluctuations!

Fluctuations in your body that control your state of masculinity, from morning until night.

To test this theory take those healthy testicles of yours, walk into the perfume section of the department store and breath deep.

Really suck in a big dose of those airborne chemicals, then pay close attention to what happens next.

Along with a headache, you'll also develop a severe case of "Grape Syndrome" that will hit you hard within 2 hours.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control… phthalate based chemicals cause reduced sperm counts, structural abnormalities, and testicular atrophy in males who are exposed.

If phthalates aren't your thing, a nice hefty dose of alcohol will do.

Different chemical, same result...

A paper published in the Gastroenterology Journal found that excessive ethanol consumption leads to significant testicular, prostatic and seminal vesicle atrophy.

If you're not a big drinker, then you can always substitute sugar, as fructose and glucose turn off the genes that regulate testosterone and estrogen levels in your body.

Go overboard with either of these, and you'll find yourself in the sex hormone binding globulin "Never Never Land".

That place where estrogen and testosterone always go out of whack, leading to weak, soft, unproductive testicles.

Male Hormone Cycle!
Hormone Fluctuations in Men!

Every time you step away from that elegant balance that exists in nature, you punish yourself…and the biggest blows always seem to be delivered right there below your belt.

Remember…in the not too distant past you couldn't find candy bars, fast food, or 72 ounce sodas on every street corner.

If you wanted a sugar fix, you climbed a tree and went face first into a buzzing bee hive.

There's a self limiting behavior if I ever heard of one!

And all those chemicals….found in perfumes, pesticides, paints and plastics had not even been invented yet.

Statins, Viagra, and Prozac weren't handed out like candy and breasts were only found on bodies of the female persuasion.

So what's my point here today?

If your testicles are under producing, use some basic common sense as your guide, ask questions, evaluate your situation…

  • Could those 5 beers you sucked down last night be part of the problem?
  • Is your double cheeseburger and fries habit getting the best of you?
  • Have you been hitting the TV harder than you have the exercise?
  • Have you really, and I mean REALLY, had a strong desire for sex in the last 72 hours?
  • Do you have a woman in your life, you can pursue, chase, capture and sexually conquer?

(If you don't, you better figure out a way to make it happen)

Have you figured out that winning, sexual pursuit, achievement and a highly potent sex drive are absolutely essential for any man who wants true happiness in life?

Wrapped your brain around the fact that testosterone supplements will always be the desert, and can NEVER be the main course?

And that this desert always tastes so much sweeter once you've worked up a true appetite?

An appetite built upon hard exercise, deep sleep and high quality foods served during that main course of yours?

There no doubt about it…your testosterone levels today were determined by your behavior just yesterday.

And your testosterone levels tomorrow will be determined by what you do with your life on THIS day.

Chew on that for a nano second or two….

Male Hormone Cycle!
Hormone Fluctuations in Men!

I'm going to leave you with an email that inspired this post.

I suggest that you use this mans story to motivate yourself to take your hormonal health into your very own hands.

Trust me, there's no better way to do it….

Hi Mark, I hit up your site back in April of last year after my blood panel came back with a low testosterone reading. I spent an hour on the site getting your info down, bookmarked your homepage and promised myself I'd come back and do something. Well, I didn't and ended up going back to my doctor for the follow up visit, and you can probably guess what happened from there. I've been on testosterone replacement for just shy of 1 year now and am now dealing with all the bad side effects you warn men about. I've complained to my doctor, specifically about the testicular atrophy, and his response was… "That's a normal side effect of testosterone replacement." While he was telling me this crap, I was thinking to myself WTF??? I feel like a complete jackass because I knew that this was probably not a good idea to begin with, but I did it anyway. Please help.

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