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Low Sperm Count?


Natural Fertility Treatment!

Chances are pretty good that your low sperm count was caused by……YOU!

In other words, it's very unlikely this a congenital condition you were born with…you most likely brought this on yourself, by allowing certain things to happen inside your body.

The most obvious of these is Obesity, a proven semen killer.

Recently, a cohort study of 2,157 male patients was performed to assess the impact of body mass index and age on male fertility.

In this study, patients aged 20–30 years had a total sperm count that was significantly negatively correlated with body mass index.

In short, those with the highest body mass index took the biggest hit in the sperm department, and the impact was pretty substantial.

But body fat isn't the only threat lurking out there

…as non obese men can develop low sperm count as well...

low sperm count

One of the main drivers behind this decline is excessive chemical exposure, as many common chemicals directly attack the leydig cells in your testicles.

BPH and Phytates found in plastics, soda cans, and many packaged food containers are the most common culprits, but there are many, many more out there.

If your job or lifestyle habits put you into contact with too many of these bad chemicals, your sperm count will definitely be affected.

So take note, then take action...

Low Sperm Count & Diet...

Since we're on the subject of food containers, we might as well discuss what resides inside that pretty packaging.

If the food item includes a dose of Soy along with that testicle killing BPH, you might want to consider throwing it straight into the trash can.

In 2008 study, Dr. Jorge Chavarro of the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who consumed the most soy had 41 million sperm per ml less than men who avoided soy products entirely.

But it's not just soy beans you need to worry about…
alcohol and sperm count

If you've been washing that tofu burger down with 24 ounces of cold beer, you need to re-design your dinner menu, as alcohol in any form, from wine, to beer, to distilled spirits, can do a number on your sperm.

And we're not talking just low sperm count here, as alcohol has been scientifically proven to negatively impact the quantity AND quality of your semen.

But that's not all folks…

Let's not forget about the electronics like that laptop you've been placing on your legs directly over your genitals, which heats up your testicles decreasing sperm count even further…or that cell phone sitting in your pocket, right next to your sperm producing testis.

Both of these moves are big No No's as well.

According to research out of the Cleveland Clinic, cell phone exposure increases oxidative stress and free radical production, leading to a decrease in sperm quality, motility and viability.

So keep those electronic away from your boys at all times!

Fixing Low Sperm Count

fixing low sperm count

An interesting, and unexpected thing began to happen soon after I built this website...I started getting emails (lot's of them) from guys who all of a sudden had success making babies.

And these emails came from men who'd been trying, some for years, but couldn't pull it off for some reason.

Of course, it's all obvious to me now that we've been up and running for so long.

Think about it…

This is a site all about increasing male hormone production…and every single man who follows the protocols on the site experiences two profound changes.

A dramatic increase in sex drive (More sex)

A dramatic increase in ejaculation volume
(More swimmers available to impregnate that woman)

My advice to any man looking to procreate is to follow the protocols on the site exactly as described…then have sex…and lots of it!

And what exactly are the protocols?

Read on my friend…

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