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Testosterone & Sperm!

Testosterone in large doses kills sperm.

Most men who go on testosterone replacement don't know about this.

So when they start firing drops. Instead of shots.  It's usually a big surprise.

But not for endocrinologist and fertility specialist Dr. Bryan Hecht…

Hecht works with couples in Ohio who are having problems making babies.

And he's noticed a scary trend in his practice lately…

Young men walking into the dark room with the girly magazines. Semen sample cup in hand…

And exiting later. With an empty cup. And a bright red face.

Talk about pressure.

According to the doc, most patients can deliver a decent semen sample.

But when one walks in who can't. Testosterone replacement is often to blame.

If you look around for mention of this MAJOR side effect on the Androgel, Testim or Axiron websites…

You'll have a real hard time finding it. And this is huge problem the way I see it…

This serious side effect should be listed prominently. In Big Bold Letters. On EACH of these sites.

Notice to all potential victims…

Use our fake hormones and your testicles will shrink.  And your sperm will die.

Think that would scare a few men off? 

Unfortunately, most men don't hear this warning before the testicle-oscopy begins. 

But some do…(:

In Feb 2011 a guy went to see his doctor to get himself some easy testosterone.

He'd seen the slick commercials. So he was pretty sure this was going to be a joy ride…

Beautiful women.  Warm Jacuzzi's. With no penalty whatsoever.

But his medical man wasn't watching commercials. He was watching reality TV.  

Real men. Real pain. Real suffering.

So he knew what actually does happen after years of testosterone abuse.

And this doctor of almost 80. Delivered this important news to our potential victim.

I quote: 

Once you start.  This is a lifetime commitment….

Because you'll be taking over the job of your testicles.

Are you sure you want to do this? 

I don't recommend it.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Our man took his doc's advice that day.  And walked away from that appointment with both his testicles intact.

When we spoke about this later I told him he should run back and kiss that wise old man right on the lips.

He'd dodged a bullet.  Because he had backup.  His doc was looking to heal.

Not to chemically castrate.

And that my friend is a rare occurrence these days.


A doctors office can be a very dangerous place.

So do yourself a favor. And choose your medical man wisely.

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