Male & Female Fertility Supplements!

by Sarah

Male & Female Fertility Supplements!


Firstly, brill, brill, brill on the site!

My husband is coming on in leaps and bounds, he really is a new man.

More vigor, more interest in life, in himself, and in me...

Nearly three months into the program, he still has difficulty trying to fit the fitness plan in, he works a 6 day week 14 hours per day, but with the lighter nights he is eager to begin.

So thank you.

With all this improvement in him, we have decided to start trying for a baby - we tried for two years but due to his lack of libido we could very rarely get it on at the right times.

My question is, I am 42, I have three children, I have started noticing the little changes that come with a women reaching her mid years.

I wish to take fertility enhancing supplements and have been reading up on them, but, do you think they should be cycled as with the Testosterone Boosters?

At my age I would hate to do the wrong thing.

Once again thanks so much!

Male & Female Fertility Supplements!

Hello Sarah,

Glad to see your husband, and your sex life are both doing so well!

I do have a fertility supplement for women, which you can find on the page below...

Herbs to Help Increase Fertility

No need to cycle these supplements, just follow the dosing instructions on the bottle.

We've had a couple of successes over the last year or so.

If you give them a try, and they work out for you, make sure to let us know about it!

Good luck!

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