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Soy - Testosterone!

How Soy Reduces T Levels in Men!

Soy Testosterone

Soy - Testosterone!

There's a lot of hype out there about the health benefits of soy, and how it has no impact on

testosterone levels in men. The soy lobby is a very well funded and organized group.

Over the years, they've bought more scientists, influenced more government agencies, and lobbied more politicians than just about any other group out there.

I have a warning for you!

Anytime time you hear or read anything about the health benefits of soy, check the source!

Chances are, it's the soy lobby whispering in your ear.

Don't fall for it!

Proof of the Power of the Soy lobby!

Hardly anybody was eating soy in the 1950's

Soy has gone from an almost non existent food in the US, to the point that it's in just about anything and everything you eat.

The USDA now allows up to 30% of the protein in school lunches to come from soy sources.

It's in your bread, the oil you cook with, and even the milk you drink.


Because cows aren't fed grass anymore, they're fed soy beans.

Even worse, we're giving it to our babies in the form of soy based formulas.

Here a interesting factoid for you....

Infants fed soy based formula have up to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk based formula.

This equals the estrogenic equivalent of five birth control pills per day.

But the Asians eat soy, and they're just doing fine!

Yes, but contrary to popular opinion, soy is not the primary source of protein in Asia. It's a side, a compliment to the meal. It's also fermented which removes a large percentage of the toxins.


The Asians do not eat volumes of soy based meat substitutes, drink gallons of soy milk, or dump 50 grams of soy isolate protein powder into a smoothie every morning.

These are all very recent Western habits.

Habits we'll pay for in the decades to come!

Soy and Testosterone!

I leave you with this unbiased, well controlled study.

Clinical and biological activity of soy protein powder supplementation in healthy male volunteers, Department of Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

PURPOSE: To determine if a commonly used soy protein supplement exhibits biological activity in vivo and in vitro, we evaluated an over-the-counter soy protein powder supplement using blood from healthy male volunteers and in an estrogen receptor in vitro assay.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: We recruited healthy male volunteers 18 years of age or older that were in good health. Treatment consisted of consuming two scoops (56 g) of pure soy protein powder daily for 28 days. Serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels were collected on days -7, 0, 14, and 28 of therapy, and day 42.

RESULTS: Twelve subjects were enrolled with a mean age of 32.25 years (range 25 to 47). Serum testosterone decreased 19% during the 4-week use of soy protein powder and increased within 2 weeks after we discontinued soy protein powder. Soy protein powder was found to induce agonist activity to ER-beta using a reporter estrogen receptor assay in yeast.

CONCLUSION: Soy protein powder decreases serum testosterone levels in healthy men...


Soy testosterone to FOODS TO INCREASE LIBIDO


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