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Testosterone Fat Loss!

Testosterone Fat Loss

A Simple Weight Loss System! Once you get your testosterone levels up into the Normal Range you'll find that losing body fat becomes very easy.

As a matter of fact, you won't even have to make that much of a conscious effort, it will just happen.

Some new research coming out of Ghent University Hospital in Belgium explains why.

According to the lead researcher, Dr Jean-Marc Kaufman, there is a 23% overlap between the genes that control testosterone and those that regulate body fat composition, suggesting that these two variables are partly controlled by the same set of genes.

In this study, a strong correlation was found between sex hormones and body fat, which was primarily due to shared genes. Specifically, testosterone showed a 23% genetic correlation with body fat levels.

According to Kaufman..

“Body fat composition is influenced by environmental factors such as diet and exercise, but is also strongly controlled by genes.

There is a well-established relationship between testosterone and body fat composition, which we have now shown is a result of shared genetic regulation.

We know that testosterone and body fat show high degrees of heritability as individual traits, but in our cohort of young men we showed that they are partially controlled by the same set of genes.

Our results help to explain the complex interplay between fat mass and sex hormones.

A Sign of low testosterone?

Yes, increased bodyfat is a clear sign that you have a problem with low testosterone.

Fleshy hips, thighs, a big round belly, and increased breast size are a clear sign that estrogen is wining the battle over testosterone in your system.

Excess estrogen in a male body saturates testosterone receptors in the hypothalamus inside the brain reducing the signals sent to the pituitary gland.

This reduces the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which is necessary for the gonads to produce adequate levels of testosterone.

Causes of Low Testosterone Levels!

Here are the main causes of low testosterone levels in men.

Excess Male Estrogen

Feminizing Diet

Poor Exercise Habits

Statins & Other Prescription Medications

Natural Testosterone Enhancers!

Go to work on the items listed above, then explore the links below to find information on natural therapies you can use to boost your low testosterone levels back up to where they belong.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone fat loss to TESTOSTERONE MUSCLE

Testosterone fat loss to BOOST YOUR LOW TESTOSTERONE

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