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Statins Effects! Statin Problems!

Statins Effects!
Statin Problems

If you are on statins, or if you're thinking about taking them, it's important that you come back here after exploring the links below, and read ALL of the information on this page.

Click Here to read about The Great Cholesterol Lie

If you don't have time to read the entire page now, bookmark it, because the following information could have a profound impact on your life.

Generic Statins-Statin Therapy

Statin Alternatives

There are natural, affordable, and effective statin alternatives that actually work.

And they come without side effects!

We can't say the same thing about statins themselves.

Statins & Muscle Pain

Chronic muscle pain is an extremely common complaint among statin users.

Of course, this was no surprise to big Pharm. From day one, the drug companies knew this was coming.

Statins Side Effects!

Men who take statins have lower blood levels of male androgen's, including testosterone.

Since cholesterol is used by the body to make the sex steroids, that's no surprise.

The emotional flat lining, and decline in cognitive ability statin users experience makes complete sense now that we know this...

Statins Memory Loss!

Next to muscle pain and weakness, memory problems are the second most common side effect of Lipitor, Zocor, and other cholesterol lowering statin drugs.

Learning and creativity are also effected.

It makes you wonder how many Alzheimer's and Dementia cases would disappear if statins were banned worldwide...

Statins & Grapefruit!

Eat a grapefruit around the same time you take your statin medication, and you could wind up dead!

Here's a warning about the statin drug Zocar...

Statin Dangers

Statins are expensive drugs.

They make the pharmaceutical companies big, big money.

This money is the one and only reason these companies are pushing these drugs so hard.

And boy have they been pushing lately...

Statins Effects! The Truth About the Drug Companies!

Cholesterol to a drug company is like body fat to a fashion model.

You can never get levels too low.

Of course, you want your cholesterol low, after all, a cereal commercial told you it was necessary and so did hundreds of commercials from drug companies.

Hmmmm, what do both of these have in common?

They're both trying to sell you something!

Statin Effects - It's All About the Money!

While much of the American economy is having a difficult time, the drug companies march on with banner earnings. The high cost of drugs is due to increased research and development according to the companies, yet if you check the financials of nine of the top drug companies, you find that they paid out twice as much in advertising as they did in research.

Advertising that tells you how bad cholesterol is for you and how statins, one of the top moneymakers, helps you lower that cholesterol.

No one begrudges a company that makes a profit, unless its done in a manner that causes harm.

Statins Effects! Low Cholesterol Gone Bad!

Lowering cholesterol actually can cause harm.

Cholesterol is often in the arteries, that's part of its job. Cholesterol responds to damaged tissue, including that in the interior of the arteries.

It's necessary for tissue repair. The plaque it leaves behind is scar tissue. The real culprit is not cholesterol, but what caused the damage in the first place.

Blaming cholesterol is similar to saying that a burglar alarms causes bank robberies. Of course, an alarm goes off when the bank is robbed, but that does not mean the alarm robbed the bank!

Recently a panel of nine experts recommended lowering cholesterol levels even more. More than is naturally possible.

They also recommended that it be given to everyone whose levels were above the new guidelines, including children and most of the adult population.

So, if cholesterol is used to heal the cells necessary for life, why would anyone want to lower it below the levels you can achieve with just diet and exercise?

The answer is simple, to broaden the market and sell more drugs!

Of that panel of nine experts, eight of them were on the payroll of the drug companies that sell statins.


Statins Effects and Your Muscles!

Think about this....

One of the side effects of statin medications is muscle pain. This is because statins actually cause damage to the muscles. If you stop and think for a moment, you'll realize that the heart is just one large muscle.

Studies on cholesterol show that congestive heart disease patients who lower cholesterol levels actually get worse as the cholesterol drops.

People become depressed if their levels are too low. The good news is that the same drug companies have a pill for that, too.

Hey, how about some Prozac with that Liptor!

Other studies show that if you lower your cholesterol to the new recommended level, it actually increases your risk of dying from cancer or suicide.

Statins Effects - The Bottom Line!

No studies show conclusively that lowering cholesterol saves lives.

Some studies indicate a weak correlation between lower cholesterol and lower heart disease, but that's all.

Cholesterol is necessary for life. All living things contain cholesterol. It's necessary in humans to make many of the hormones vital for survival.

Cholesterol functions to maintain the cell membranes and repair cells. This insane push to lower cholesterol below what the majority of people cannot achieve without the use of drugs is nothing more than another marketing ploy to increase the sale of a very profitable drug.

It's also dangerous!

While there's nothing wrong with making a profit, there is something very wrong with making a profit at the cost of human lives.

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