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Normal Testosterone Level!

Normal Testosterone Level!

Forget about normal!

You don't want normal, you want optimal testosterone levels.

The reference range for most labs falls between 250 and 850.

95% of the population have T levels that fall somewhere between those two numbers, but what does that tell you about where you need to be?

I'll give you a clue...

You want to be as close to 800 as possible. Some doctors who work with pro athletes actually shoot for 1200.

But I'm worried about prostate cancer you say?

You should be more worried about prostate cancer if your T levels are 250.

It's the old men who are dropping like flies from the disease, not the young guys.

Get adequate levels of vitamin D from sunshine, keep your T levels in the optimal range, and you'll slash your risk of dying from prostate cancer.

Normal Testosterone Level - Don't go too low!

From the Endocrine Society, June 2008

Low testosterone appears to increase long-term risk of death!

Men may not live as long if they have low testosterone levels, regardless of their age, according to a new study. The results will be presented at The Endocrine Society's 90th Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The new study, adds to the scientific evidence linking a deficiency of this sex hormone with increased death from all causes over time, (all-cause mortality.)

Men with low testosterone levels had more than 2.5 times greater risk of dying during the next 10 years compared to men with higher testosterone, the study found.

This difference was not explained by age, smoking, alcohol intake, levels of physical activity, or increased waist circumference, a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease.

The results should serve as a clear warning for men with low testosterone to have a healthier lifestyle, including weight control, regular exercise and a healthy diet, said lead author Robin Haring, from Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald, Institute for Community Medicine.

"It is very possible that lifestyle determines levels of testosterone," he said.

I agree!

Here a some lifestyle choices you can begin using now to turn your situation around.

Supplement with Natural Testosterone Boosters

Reduce Your Estrogen Load

Start a T Boosting Exercise Program

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